7 Ways to make your sister in law your best friend

Your sister in law may become your bestfriend. All that is needed is a first hand and there is no harm in giving one from your side.

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Your wedding comes along with a lot of new things, the biggest one of which is, a new life. Along with your new life, comes along many new relationships, new people, new house, new memories and what not. After wedding, there is one very sweet bitter relationship with your sister in law. You both may have some arguments, some disagreements or many more quirky things but the end of the day, you will be like sisters and this is one the deepest relationships after wedding. There is fine probability that things will not go so easy between you both in the initial stages but later on, your bond will definitely get better. And it is a wise choice to lend her the first hand to make your way to new relationship of sisterhood and some friendship. Have a look at these seven ways to make your sister in law your friend. And while you both make this eternal bond, don’t forget ot get clicked by Mahima Bhatia Photography.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Respect her

Everyone expects the new member of the family to be respectful and generous towards everyone in the family. And you surely will do that, but do not forger to count in your sister in law in this list as well. Give her some good gestures, show some respect to her and she will definitely like you. Everybody seeks to gain respect after all and its never a healthy relationship when there is no respect for the other person.

Go out

Have a friend like experience with her go out with her on the weekends and fill in the gap of having a real sister in her life. You will have a great time together, your compatibility will also increase and also, you both will learn a lot of things about each other. You will know about each other’s taste and likes and dislikes. What else could be better than going for shopping with her at Ethnic Collection’s.

saveEthnic Collection's
Ethnic Collection’s

Good food

Good food can make anybody happy. And when it comes to building up a new relationship with your relationship, you should not only serve her with good food but also ask her to join you in with it. You both will learn a lot of things from each other and will have a good time in the kitchen, doing some good stuff. Share a good chit-chat time over some yummy Rajasthani food at Chokhi Dhani Resort and then some delicious desserts by L Opera India.

savePhoto: Chokhi Dhani Resort
Photo: Chokhi Dhani Resort

Share your words

Don’t forget to build in the relationship internally along with the external bond with her. Do not just keep your friendship on the surface level but also make her good whenever you talk to her. Be like her elder sister who has a lot of wise words to share with her whenever she is in need of it. Also read  How to Be a Perfect Friend on Your Friend’s Wedding

Treat her

If you want someone to be your friend, you should treat her like one. Make her feel comfortable around, start a good conversation with her, make a space for her, do not let her feel along and isolated. Do everything you do to your friends. Listen to her, share your experiences with her and have a fun time with her. Take some idea from How to select diwali present for your sister-in-law

savePhoto: L Opera India
Photo: L Opera India

Share some hobbies

Having hobbies is good but it becomes even great when you have someone in the house who has just the same interest. Join some classes together or learn making some ‘do it yourself’ on those Sunday afternoons. You would want to know 5 reasons why you should have your best friend by your side on your wedding day

Support her

A friend in need is the friend indeed, make this proverb true also. Support her when she is feeling is low or having a bad day or having some fights or arguments. Basically, help her out everywhere she needs your helping hand. Also read How to Make Your Mother-in-law Love you Forever: 4 Easy Steps

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Not just this, sit together, watch some T.V shows together, go for walks, have late night talks and know her form the inside. This would be just enough to let your sister in law know that you really want to be her friend and the same will come from her side too. Also read How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Sister-In-Law

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