5 reasons why you should have your best friend by your side on your wedding day

When you have a best friend, you have everything you would ever need in your life.

  • Life as a couple
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Smile

To have a best friend can be one of the best things in this world. It is like the most wanted bliss a person seeks for in life. When you have a best friend with you, you probably have everything and if not everything, you have a person with whom you can get anything and everything. Read these 15 Signs of a true friendshipYour best friend is your jewel, your partner in crime, your soul mate, your box of secrets and your peace maker. In short, a best friend is a person who has all the qualities like you and this is what makes your both, the best friends. While there are endless reasons to have a best friend, here are some of them.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Your partner

Your best friend is not just your friend but also a partner in everything you do. They will stick by your side in all situations of your side. No matter how terrible it is, be it your break-up, your first job interview, your success and your failure, he is going to be there. To help you, to assist you towards a good path, to uplift you, to make your happiness feel double and to complete your family. Have a fun photo shoot with your forever partner by Neytra Photography to give your beautiful friendship a gift of memories.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Listen to you

You would always need somebody to listen to you and never judge you. When there are situations in life, you are just frustrated by everything happening around, the sadness takes over your mind and you don’t know what to do or where to go, your best friend will be one you are going to see next. He will always listen to you, will understand you and will take you out of those bad situations without you even knowing it. You never have to feel heavy hearted when you have a best friend by your side. Also read How to be your wife’s best friend

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Do crazy things

We all have some crazy memories and believe it or not, the most amazing ones are with our best friends only. They make us feel like a child again, they make us to be stupid and do crazy things; they make us believe that it is just fine to be an idiotic person who know nothing but to have fun. Go out for a crazy lunch date with your best friend at Royal Orchid and add some good food to your good memories. The best memories are the ones which are not planned, they happen suddenly and when you have a best friend by your side, you will have many such moments which you will laugh on forever in your life. With them, your original personality is open and there is nothing you don’t enjoy about it.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Secret keeper

Best friends come along with a big box where all of your secrets can be kept. You can share anything and everything with your best friend. The best part about sharing our dark shades with our best friend is that they are never going to judge us, like other people do. When you have a best friend, you can tell about all those things you have been hiding inside you, it may be good, bad or ever worse, but it is a part of you and your best friend too. Not just that, sharing secrets is one thing, with our best friend we can do things which can become one of the biggest secrets of our lives, if you know what we mean here. Give your secret keeper a wonderful bachelor’s party planned exclusively by Pegasus Events.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Make life better

It is found that people who have someone by their side are best friend are much likely to remain happy in their lives than those who don’t. The reason is simple, when you have a best friend you will never have to be sad, disappointed, worried and gloomy. They will have remedies to all your problems and if not, they make you forget you your problems. Even better, isn’t it? Give your best friend a small pack of surprise by getting her room well decorated by Designs by Abhishek.

savePhoto: Designs by Abhishek
Photo: Designs by Abhishek

So folks, don’t ever let your best friend. Well, they never will. Because the feelings are mutual. They understand you better than anybody in this world, they will get your thoughts just by sharing some glances with you, you will never have to tell how you are feeling because they will know it merely by watching you, they will support you, they will be your motivation and will never let you feel alone. Don’t forget to read Why it is amazing to marry your best friend?

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