Destination Wedding on the Italian Island of Sardinia: Planned to Perfection

If you’re looking to fly across the Indian Ocean for a dreamy destination wedding in Europe, then the island of Sardinia in Italy really does have it all. Being the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia boasts 2000 km of coastline surrounding a mountainous centre, making for the most romantic setting for your special day.

Being a less obvious destination wedding choice than the more well known Italian cities and coasts, Sardinia offers tranquility and exclusivity, yet still with picturesque towns and world-renowned gastronomy. Expect white sand, clear waters, luxury hotels, fresh seafood, incredible shopping, the chance to explore mountains and caves, and a taste of the ancient Sardinian nuraghic culture wherever you go on the island.

Sardinia. Photo via Shutterstock
Sardinia. Photo via Shutterstock

Getting married here is a GREAT idea. But it’s a little far from home… So we recommend seeking the help from a professional wedding planner local to the area, which will mean less stress and the chance to take full advantage of such a special wedding day and travel experience.

With GoldenTree Wedding Planner Goa, you can do just that, because they’ll take care of everything. This team of wedding planning professionals pride themselves on turning the dreams of every couple into a reality.

When it comes to getting married abroad, couples often find it difficult to find the best service providers and wedding vendors in the area, and can never find the best possible prices. With a wedding planner local to the area, such as with Memorabili Eventi, you’ll have everything from the photographer to the florist negotiated and sorted for you.

Memorabili Eventi has a strong network of local wedding services that can offer you the best quality transport, decorations or rental equipment for the best prices.

As well as logistical planning, the team at Memorabili Eventi see the wedding planning role as inherently creative too: they’ll be the artistic directors of your special day, taking into account your personality as a couple, as well as your individual tastes and style.

Even though you’ll be getting married in a country far away from home, your wedding – wherever it may be – should be all about YOU. So by enlisting the help of these creative wedding planners, and getting to know them personally, all you will have to do is bring your passport and wedding dress, and they will do the rest.

The suitability of Memorabili Eventi to any destination wedding couple, of any style, comes down to the variety of team members with various talents that will be on hand to advise and create. Sylvia is the main wedding planner who talks through budgeting and logistics with every couple, she respects each budget with care and uses it to go a long way, creating magical weddings with no surprise costs.

For the creative side of things, there’s Sara, the image consultant, as well as Marco and Nicola who work on the scenic design. They’ll work with the natural beauty of Sardinia’s landscape to create stunning backdrops and al fresco romance. Next, you’ll get to know Francesca, who’ll be the artistic director of the wedding, and Valeria who works in graphic design.

These talented individuals will be your gurus and your best friends in the lead up to your wedding, as they work tirelessly so that you won’t have to!

Overall, we hope we’ve persuaded you (as a jet-setting couple seeking to tie the knot abroad), that Sardinia in Italy really is the place to do it. Whether you choose between Sardinia’s beautiful beaches, magical cliffs or vibrant towns, Memorabili Eventi are the team that will turn your destination wedding dreams into a reality.

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