Do not forget to tell these 5 things to your wedding caterers

The way towards a person's heart is some great food and in your wedding, the key to make your guests happy is the catering you opt for. Take care about the dishes which you offer.

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Wedding planning has a lot of things into it. There are many things from the decoration, food, venue to the dresses and so on. The person has to look after so many things and there is a rush of a lot of things going inside the person’s mind. As it is rightly said, your food will decide how good your wedding was. So you should be very much particular about the food arrangements. To make sure that your food is just at the right place, there is something that you need to lay emphasis upon. Your wedding caterers are definitely going to make your wedding go wow but there are still certain things that you should tell to your caterers so as to have a better output. Hotel Sea Princess is going to be the perfect location for your wedding.

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Your taste

Your wedding caterers are definitely the professionals. They might not need any kind of suggestions but it is important for them to know about what kind of taste your family is looking for. Some families like spicy food some do not. So your cater must know about what exact kind of taste you are looking for. Get the most yummy, tempting and beautifully designed cakes from Indulge Custom Cakes.

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Your vision

It is important for your caterer to know what theme do you have for your wedding. Once he knows about your vision, he can inculcate all his stall decoration ideas accordingly. He might have some pompous, glittery and over the top decoration but it becomes a mismatch if your wedding theme is a bit subtle, formal or a little low. So in such cases, things can go really bad. The Kitchen Art Company is going to provide you the best services.

Time and place

Well, it is obviously important for him to know what are the timings on which he has to come all prepared to serve the very dignified people at your wedding. Although there are some fixed dates for your wedding ceremonies but your appointed caterer will not stay there for the whole day. He just has to be there during time of serving the breakfast or light snacks. And not only that, give him a detailed description about all the timings and all the venues where he has to come. He also will be instructing his team for the services to be provided. Read about these 6 Tips to forget the fear before the Wedding

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The menu

Discuss about the menu in prior notice only so that he can do all the preparations about the raw material and everything else well on time and there is no delay in it. Also ask him if he will be bringing all the disposable material with him or not, else you can do the arrangement for the same in the proper manner. Tell him what you want for the breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. Also, ask him about his specialties. Not just the exact dish but also try to keep one or two dishes for the backup plans. Sometimes it happens that enough material is not available or something has gone wrong and a particular dish can’t be made so in such situations, you will have a back of something in hand. Invite your guests with fascinating cards made by The Wedding Invitations Cards.

savePhoto: The Kitchen Art Company
Photo: The Kitchen Art Company

Great service

Food is not enough, serving is also important. Tell your caterer that your guests are very important and precious to you and they should be taken good care of. Nobody should even complain to you about the lack in services. Ask the caterer to bring along his team in the most tidy and smartly dressed up manner. They should be very polite and generous while asking people if they need anything. They must make sure that everything is served on everyone’s table and there should be at least one waiter on each table who can look after their requirements carefully. Know about How to avoid these 7 unbelievable things before your wedding

savePhoto: The Kitchen Art Company
Photo: The Kitchen Art Company

Not just this, all the stalls should be kept very clean and the decoration should be sophisticated. You can have a quick round and look at all the arrangements done before the event. Also, they should not at all compromise with the hygiene in the food. Every chef should be well in his uniform with gloves and caps. All the safety measures should be looked after near the area of big burners. The quality of food should be such that your guests will remember your wedding for ages. Learn How to choose the catering for your wedding? Be attentive towards these 10 tips!

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