How to keep everyone happy on your wedding

It's not about keeping everyone happy but making them feel involved in the celebtration is what matters the most.

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Your wedding is only successful when all the people involved are happy and enthusiastic. However, it is solely your duty to keep your wedding guests happy, take good care of them, to look after all their needs and never give them a chance to complain about anything. It is understood that you are kept occupied with many other things during the wedding and it is not a handy task to take care of all your guests. “No matter how much you are busy with things, it is mandatory to make your guests happy and make them feel that they are equally precious to you as anybody and their presence is your pleasure” experts know it well. Have a look at the following tips. How to organize best happy wedding!

saveOur Wedding Chapter.
Our Wedding Chapter.

Attend everyone

Your guests are the people who make your wedding feel like one. Some come from a long journey while some of them come from just some streets away. Be it anyone, it is important to feel that everyone has taken time out from their lives and have decided to attend your celebration so it is your utmost duty to attend all of your guests with a wide smile and due respect. Don’t neglect the older ones especially; their blessings are all that you are going to need anyway. Address all the children and young members and tell them how much glad you are to see them. 5 Ways to Make Your Guests Happy at Your Wedding.

saveOur Wedding Chapter.
Our Wedding Chapter.

Proper arrangements

Your guests will be automatically impressed by you to see how much efforts you have put for the best of arrangements for them. Make sure that everyone is allotted the rooms and before their arrival, go for a cross-check round of all the arrangements. Tell all the staff members that everyone should be given a light snack and some drinks as they come and each one should be treated nicely. You can go for The Vivaan without any worries as they take care of guests pretty well.5 things you should keep in your mind while planning your wedding.

saveOur Wedding Chapter.
Our Wedding Chapter.

Special activities

You can organize some sort of outdoor dinner or may be some pool party just before your wedding day, to have a get together and a casual meet-up with everyone. There must be some relatives that have met after a long time and would want to chit-chat with each other about a lot of things or you must also have missed upon someone and this will be great excuse to meet everyone and have a good time together. If you are looking for something differnt for activities then you can go for the rock bands, Inner Sanctum are one of the best from Bangalore. How to stay happy and stress-free while planning your wedding.

saveOur Wedding Chapter.
Our Wedding Chapter.

Good food

And now comes the part where all of your efforts should be focused upon. If you have good food, you will have people with good mood around you and it will never fail at approaching everyone with a delight. Your catering should be really good and the serving services should also be appropriate. When guests will get good food, they will become happy, automatically! And also, it will get you a lot of compliment for organizing a great wedding. Eleven Course Delhi are one of the best in Delhi .”Exceptional food and creativity in presentation with outstanding service is our hallmark. All our ‘creations’ combine the very best traditions of culinary art from across the globe. Our team is a dedicated group of specialists in food design and hospitality” this what they had to say about themselves. 05 Things to keep your wedding forever alive.

Involve everyone

When you are up for a photo shoot when you know that your photographer is all set to get some amazing moments clicked, invite all the members to come and join you to add some beauty to your wedding album. Your guest will be really pleased to see that you are treating everyone equally and they will genuinely feel that they are precious to you.How to get a happy and healthy relationship! Which you can also learn from your parents

saveOur Wedding Chapter.
Our Wedding Chapter.

Take away

Now after having all that fun, bidding goodbye is one tough task but it can become even more memorable to everyone if you do it the right way.  Get some unique and special get away for your guests. They should feel heavy and light both while leaving. All you can do is to open your mind of creativity and think of something that will make them happy. Like you can have home-made chocolates for all the kids, some pretty pictures nicely framed for all the beautiful female members and some good piece of customized gift for all the handsome men of your family. Calestial cupcakes are best in what they make, you can try them for customized cupcakes. According to Science, A Happy Marriage can Save Your Life!

saveOur Wedding Chapter.
Our Wedding Chapter.

And as they say, “all’s well if the end’s well” and this is true indeed. Your guests are going to remember your wedding and you for a long time or maybe till forever. How to make a long lasting impression on your in-laws.

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