How to propose romantically

The most romantic proposals are the ones that come straight from the heart. Make it a moment that she will never forget!

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You’ve been dreaming of the moment you get engaged to your soulmate and begin the lifelong journey of marriage. What you haven’t thought about is the careful planning that marriage proposals require. This celebration has to be planned strategically, especially if you want surprise your partner in front of your friends and family. You must consider many different aspects of the proposal to make it a unique and heartwarming experience. Let us guide you!



Think of some romantic places for your proposal. Start by thinking of the place where you both met or where you saw each other for the first time. This will add an emotional touch to the proposal. Another good alternative is to think of somewhere where you like to go together often. It can be a particular place in the city, a beach, or a vacation spot that you traveled to in the past.

saveCredit: Jude Lazaro
Credit: Jude Lazaro


If you plan to hold a small ceremony in the presence of both families for your proposal, it should be performed at the bride’s house. When both families are present, you can make a speech and officially ask the bride’s family for her hand in marriage. This kind of proposal will strengthen the relationship between both families.

saveCredit : Nikhil Arora
Credit : Nikhil Arora

Engagement ring

The best quality engagement ring, as suggested by our friends from Malabar Gold & Diamonds, is 18 karat. The most popular stones for an engagement ring are diamonds. To make it more sentimental, you can get initials, dates, or any kind of personal message engraved in the ring band.

saveMalabar Gold and Diamonds
Credit: Malabar Gold and Diamonds


If you want to create an intimate moment that she will never forget, you can set up a particular space, preferable outside, with lots and lots of candles. Just remember to be cautious so as not to cause a fire. If you want to step it up even further, our friends at balloonistics offer “sky lanterns” and many other kinds of illuminated balloons, which you can use to kindle your precious proposal, and send your vows to the heavens.

saveCredit : balloonistics
Credit : balloonistics

 Dress code

The dress code is a very important matter. It is necessary to dress properly if you are planning to propose in a formal setting. Make sure you wear something comfortable so you can fully enjoy yourself. Never wear a brand new dress on your special day. Wear something that you know fits well and is comfortable on your skin.

saveCredit : Nikhil Arora
Credit : Nikhil Arora

 Popping the question 

Don’t take too long to get to the big question. Take her by surprise. Hide the ring well and take it out right before you propose. Come up with creative ways to lighten the mood before asking. Before popping the big question, you should make a good speech with words that are genuine and come straight from your heart.

saveJude Lazaro
Credit : Jude Lazaro

Finding creative marriage proposal ideas can be hard. You should be original and you shouldn’t overdo it, but the most important thing is that you just be yourself!

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