Stunning wedding of Swaati and Jay- the couple that was made for each other

There is one most important thing that a wedding speaks- the coming together of two souls as one. Swaati and Jay were definitely two souls, but they are one since the time they met each other. The first time they met, they never knew that someone could be so important in their life and that they were just perfect for each other. This feeling is often felt by the people who find their Mr/Ms right. The special moments of their wedding and pre-wedding were captured amazingly by Wedding Velvet and were loved by the couple.

Photo: Wedding Velvet.

How these two met

Swaati and Jay met at a wedding, where the two of them were a major part. The first time that they had met, they never knew that they would be so important to each other. The first time Swaati saw Jay, she knew that he was the kind of man she wanted to go ahead in life with and that is exactly what she did.

Photo: Wedding Velvet.

Taking things forward

After interacting for the first time, Jay knew that there was some amazing chemistry between the two and that he wanted to go ahead with Swaati and no one else. Once the wedding was done, Jay contacted Swaati and they started catching up on dates- well, that is how their love story started and went on being the best one! They both knew that they were perfect for each other, and they did not want to waste time to accept the fact.

Photo: Wedding Velvet.
Photo: Wedding Velvet.

Picture perfect

Capturing the best moments to relive them in the future is what every couple wants, and so did Swaati and Jay. They wanted each and every moment to be captured in such a manner, that their memories never fade away and that they cherish these moments with a smile on their face whenever they want. This wish was fulfilled by Wedding Velvet, and their work was loved and appreciated by everyone who was a part of the couple’s wedding.

Photo: Wedding Velvet.

The venue

Swaati and Jay were very clear about having a grand wedding, and that is exactly what they got. Their wedding was really grand and was totally enjoyed by the bridal couple themselves. The venue that they had chosen was Le Meridien Jaipur, and they loved each and every moment of their special day. One must always make sure that the venue they choose has enough space for every individual to have their box full of fun, and that is what every person got!

Photo: Wedding Velvet.

Perfect planning

After selecting the best venue for the big day, the next big thing is to select the best wedding planner. This way, the couple and their family members do not have to take a lot of tension regarding the wedding events, as they would be totally taken care of. As there are already so many things going around, one cannot possibly be anywhere and everywhere. The wedding planner that the couple had chosen was Panache Events, and they had done a fantastic job!

Photo: Wedding Velvet.

The yummy food

The food is something that must always be amazing and must be enjoyed by everyone who is a part of the couple’s big day. This makes it memorable for the couple and also the guest who is a part of the wedding. The catering for the couple’s wedding was done by Le Meridien Jaipur, and the food was liked by everyone present there.

Photo: Wedding Velvet.

Jewels that brought brightness

Jewelry never fails to bring brightness and happiness in a bride’s life and memories. She must always select them once the outfit is chosen so that there is no miss match at the end of the day. Everything must always make the bride happy at the end of the day and that is what matters the most. Swaati’s jewelry was from a shop in central Mumbai, and it was very well chosen!

Photo: Wedding Velvet.

Makeup of the bride

The makeup of the bride needs to be on point, as that is something that makes her day even more special. The makeup must always be perfect, and not too much or too less. This would make sure that the bride has her day going according to her wish, and that would definitely add on to her bag full of happiness. Swaati’s makeup was beautifully done by Meena Solanki.

Photo: Wedding Velvet.
Photo: Wedding Velvet.

The perfect outfits

The outfits of the bridal couple need to be really comfortable. as they would be in it for a really long time. This way, they need to make sure that they must select something that is comforting and good looking, instead of just looking at how appealing it looks. Swaati’s outfits were from Ekta Solanki, and Jay’s outfits were from Man Mandir.

Photo: Wedding Velvet.
Photo: Wedding Velvet.

Swaati and Jay’s wedding was enjoyed by each and everyone who was a part of it, and the best thing was that the couple totally enjoyed their own wedding. Everything went as per how they had planned, and that is the best thing!

Wedding photographer: Wedding Velvet | Wedding venue: Le Meridien Jaipur | Event planning: Panache Events | Makeup: Meena Solanki | Outfits: Ekta Solanki, Man Mandir | Catering: Le Meridien Jaipur

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