Top Colour Choices for Mehndi Outfits For Brides-To-Be

New clothes, new jewellery, new makeup – of course us girls will be excited. Whilst the pressure of finding the ‘right’ outfit is on, the excitement of choosing the outfit is overpowering! The race to look for the best colour for your mehndi day begins and often results in all your mobile battery life going in search for it. But worry not, because here we bring to you some colour ideas for your outfit that will inspire you to decide on yours.


Our first pick is the colour yellow; a bright, bold colour, reflecting freshness and happiness. This is perfect to enhance all brides positivity. Although yellow is traditional for the haldi ceremony, it is not imperative to remain for just that, it can be worn to the mehndi ceremony. The outfits preferred for the ceremony are usually simple, soft colours and not too flashy, so perhaps a light yellow may be preferred.

Photo: Dipak Studios.


Our next pick is the colour green; a colour which symbolises faith, freedom, prosperity and youth. Faith creates the stage for a harmonious life between the couple. So why not wear a green dress with a mix of magenta and yellow for your mehndi, and perhaps top it with a bit of floral jewellery.

Photo: Dipak Studios.
Photo: Dipak Studios.


An alternative colour is red; a colour which represents the symbol of love, passion and romanticism. It indicates determination and passion, so ladies if you’re feeling a little fiery, why not go for a splash of red in your mendhi outfit, perhaps a red dress or salwaar kameez. Remember that the mendhi is a day before your wedding day, so perhaps opt for a light red to avoid overdoing it or alternatively opt for a softer colour with red embroidery.

Photo: Dipak Studios.


Another gorgeous colour that can be worn is the colour orange: signifying joy and creativity. So, ladies if you would like to a have some fun with your mehndi outfit, perhaps opt for a soft orange colour or alternatively, an outfit with a splash of orange decoration. It radiates happiness, which is perfect for celebrations before your big day!

Photo: Dipak Studios.


Our next top pick is the colour blue – Blue is a colour of water, compassion and royalty. It is a gorgeous colour to wear for your mehndi celebration and matches perfectly with silver or gold embroidary. You can dress up and dress down this colour, which is perfect for the mehndi celebration -that is a simple, yet fun occasion.

Photo: Dipak Studios.
Photo: Dipak Studios.


If you’re feeling a little daring, we suggest the colour pink; a colour which represents femininity and unconditional love. It can also represent the playful, cute, romantic nature of the bride-to-be. If this sounds like you, why not support a splash of pink in your mehndi outfit!

Photo: Dipak Studios.


Our final pick is the colour Peach; a colour that reflects purity and perfection. The innocence of the colour is perfect for all you shy brides-to-be and matches perfectly with a hint of gold or silver embroidery. Be the bride-to-be that steals the limelight with a gorgeous soft tone of peach on your outfit!

Photo: Dipak Studios.
Photo: Dipak Studios.

So ladies, we have listed our top picks of colour ideas for your mendhi outfit. Choose the colour perfect for you and rock it like never before! Be mindful of your decor and venue and ensure you steal the limelight with your stunning colour choice.

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