The celebration

Venues, buffets, menus, the party… There are many important elements of an Indian wedding to bear in mind. We’ll help you make sure it goes off without a hitch!

Top 5 luxurious wedding venues in Lutyens Delhi

Once in a lifetime event and that too in top best venues in Lutyens Delhi is a dream of many. So make sure when you are getting married and that too in a big fat style then one of these have to be your choice.

Top 5 wedding gardens and lawns in Hyderabad

Weeding lawn and gardens are something that doesn't fantasise one but it is an important part of the wedding day. So here are the top best wedding gardens of Hyderabad.

Top 8 wedding cake shops in Hyderabad

Cakes are sweet, delicious, creamy and exotic just like you. Keep your life happy with those occasions and make sure cakes are part of it. These are the top best wedding cake shops in Hyderabad.

Top 8 wedding hotels in Hyderabad

The venue for a wedding is like a body for humans, everything is going to happen inside it and the size, quality and goodwill matters the most. So here are the top best hotels in Hyderabad that can be your wedding venue.

Top 8 wedding banquet halls in Hyderabad

Banquet halls are all about the guests and accommodation and we want our guests to be served best services and as they say, a guest is a god. So get best wedding banquet halls in Hyderabad for your wedding.

Top 5 wedding gardens & lawns in Pune

Wedding gardens are one of the big issues of marriage and you need to make that decision wisely. So if you are in Pune you can simply go for these gardens or lawns and be stress-free.

Top 9 wedding cake shops in Pune

Cakes are sweet and make you happy instinctly . So no matter what the occasion is just go for these top cake shops in Pune everytime.

Top 10 wedding hotels in Pune

Believe it or not but venue decides the level of the wedding and it makes an impression on your guests, so it's better to choose from these top hotels in Pune if you are planning your wedding in the city.

Top 5 wedding banquet halls in Pune

These are the top 5 wedding banquet halls in Pune that will give you the comfort and high-class service that you will be thrilled to joy.

Top 8 wedding hotels in Bengaluru

Once in a while , right in the middle of ordinary life , love comes along and brings you a fairy tale. Set the date and let your imagination take over .

Destination weddings

Inspiration for wedding venues

Top 5 Wedding Venues in Mumbai

Choose your wedding venue according to your fabulous personality! These top 5 luxury hotels will make your wedding unforgettable and grand!

Top 5 Farmhouse Wedding Venues in Delhi

Delhi has a feel to it, something big, grand and huge. So these are the top best wedding venues there to give that Delhi feel to your wedding and you will be in Awee.