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12 Women who have revolutionized the wedding industry across the world

All of these women are an example for those who have always fought for the rights of women. And they are not the only ones!

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March 8th isn’t just another calendar day, it is International Women’s Day! After many years of fighting for equality, and frankly, we find ourselves still fighting for this, we must acknowledge that today, us women have come a long way.  This day  proves that things are changing, women are moving forward, our voices are being heard, and for that, we should celebrate!

At Zankyou, we have the pleasure of working hand in hand with numerous women in the wedding industry who have not only made a name for themselves in the industry, but have also trail blazed the way for future women to come. Meet the #BossBabes below!

Martha Medeiros

An influencer of Brazilian fashion for several reasons; Martha Medeiros was determined to fulfill her dream as a child and had the work ethic to make it possible. Medeiros would dress her dolls with her designs at a young age, later opened up her own “shop” in her garage at the young age of eight years old, and then launched into the professional world after studying law and economics. It was then when Medeiros opened her multi-brand store and, later, launched her personal brand.

If that isn’t enough, Martha has also helped to rescue the work of the “mujeres renderas” or renderas women, of northeastern Brazil, whose work in crochet and embroidery was becoming a dying art form. In addition to being a professional, she has given a voice to the women who were unable to have a say in the matter.

saveMartha Medeiros
Photo: Martha Medeiros

Rosa Clará

The Spanish designer, Rosa Clara is not only an esteemed designer in Spanish bridal fashion, but she also is also famously known around the globe. With 20 years of experience, her understanding of bridal haute couture was a revolution within the wedding dress industry. Her desire for innovation catapulted her to the top and frankly, there are few brands that dare to rub shoulders with her today.

The key to Clara’s spectacular designs are the quality of the material she utilizes, along with the skilled hand of the dressmaker. The two elements continue to produce timeless wedding dresses year after year. Also, specializing in party dresses, Rosa Clara’s collection of cocktail dresses are not only worn by glamorous wedding guests, but also by those who attend any event of special relevance and importance.

saveRosa Clará
Photo: Rosa Clará

Anna Francisco 

A renowned wedding planner who has earned much success due in part from the various couples she has worked with. From facing every wedding difficulty and complicated situation you could think of, Anna Francisco has the skill, intelligence, and strength to handle anything thrown at her while still executing a wedding flawlessly.

Francisco specializes in adapting to all bridal couple styles and creates an event suited perfectly for each couple she works with. The confidence she conveys is one of her greatest values and has thus, allowed her to be the coveted celebrity wedding planner. Her commitment to her couples, assistance from day one, and wealth of experience is reassuring for all couples that choose to hire her for their special day.

saveAnna Francisco
Photo: Anna Francisco

Rime Arodaky

Fashion designer of Syrian descent, her story is one of a hero. Fighter in all senses of life, Rime Arodaky started her brand from nothing, worked to gain exposure, found a hole in the industry, and decided to fill it despite her young age. Today, she is a well-known name in the industry and has stores in the biggest cities around the world. In addition to her unshakable professionalism, Arodaky stands out among other designers.

saveGreg Finck
Rime Arodaky – Photo: Greg Finck

Susana Palazuelos

With the industry of catering conquered in Mexico, her specialization has allowed her to also cover the areas of decoration at the same time, as well as other types of events. Owner and General Manager of Susanna Palazuelos Banquets, a center that has been active since 1977 and has made a name for itself in Acapulco as a world reference in the organization of weddings.

For this reason, it has won the honor of organizing events for all kinds of celebrities, including the last six Presidents of Mexico. In addition to being known as a reputed wedding planner, her team of decorators, transform any event and elevate it to the category of work of art.

But, in addition to the festival of luxury and good taste, Susana Palazuelos has raised marginalized areas with jobs and has boosted the national product. A woman who takes time not just building her own empire, but giving back to her country as well. Something women across the globe can admire!

saveDaniela Díaz
Susana Palazuelos – Photo: Daniela Díaz

Alice Demontis and Antonella Argirò (Ordine della Giarrettiera)

These two young Italian women run Ordine della Giarrettiera with class, creativity and control! In fact, the name of this photography duo, refers to the highest order of chivalry in the United Kingdom, (Order of the Garter) and reflects perfectly what that they try to highlight.

Alice and Antonella, have developed brilliant work as photographers and are now well known in Italy. Being a team of two, they can offer two different perspectives of the photo’s, nourished by a cinematographic dye that enhances each composition. Anchored in Milan, their goal is to expand so that the rest of the world knows their work. You go, girls!

saveOrdine della Giarrettiera
Photo: Ordine della Giarrettiera

Pureza Mello Breyner Atelier

Pureza Mello Breyner has been able to balance the title of mother and devoted businesswoman. Therefore, after having travelled around the world and acquiring new experiences, Breyner decided to fulfil her dream and become a designer of wedding dresses. With a space close to home to be close to her family, the professional has become one of the greatest bridal artisans of Portuguese fashion. It offers a personalised design, unique dresses and conveys the best feelings.

savePureza Mello Breyner Atelier
Photo: Pureza Mello Breyner Atelier

Eva Iglesias (Bodas Colorín Colorado)

Speaking of Spanish wedding planners, Eva Iglesias is one of the first to come to mind. Her background in public relations has helped her to understand the people’s tastes and finding the secret to making dream weddings come to life. Iglesias has also studied in Italy and the United States, and has worked in the main advertising agencies of the world (Ogilvy & Mather Paris, Iris Worldwide London, Young & Rubicam NY) as well as in the big premium brands (Coca-Cola, Mercedes- Movistar.) Eva Iglesias adapted her advertising mentality, and used it to propel her into the wedding industry.

saveEva Iglesias
Photo: Eva Iglesias

Matilde Berk 

Matilde Berk is one of the best professionals in the realm of wedding photographers and is currently dominating in Portugal. Capturing the best of couples using a photo-journalistic approach, as if it were a documentary, Berk cares for the naturalness and spontaneity of her bridal couples who are free to show themselves as they are. Berk knows how to combine all the elements of staging, lighting, and emulate the love and joy couples share, through a photograph.

In addition, her nickname for “woman who does it all” has allowed her to delve into this world of bridal and open her own brand of wedding dresses. For some people there is no such thing as the word impossible!

saveMatilde Berk
Photo: Matilde Berk

Anne Sophie Faure Brac (Ela and the Poppies)

Captains of the delicate and beautiful Ela and the Poppies, a photographic studio that triumphs in the French bridal sector. By bringing her work closer to visual poetry, Faure Brac dedicates herself to social photography, which conveys more truth. Using reality to create art; she combines spontaneity in her work and love for the small details that bring life into her work. Her passions, from rock ‘n’ roll to Game of Thrones, play a key role in her work and allows her to connect with her clients in a new way. The result are exquisite.

saveEla and the poppies
Photo: Ela and the Poppies

Becky Alazraki

Although Becky Alazraki works with her brother, it is she who sets the course that the company follows throughout each wedding they plan. Thus, it has become one of the greatest wedding planning companies in Mexico. With an attitude of commitment and dedication, Alazraki and her company are involved throughout the entire process until the very last minute of the wedding day.

saveBecky Alazraki
Photo: Becky Alazraki

Paola Pardomo

Paola Pardomo is another gem that has come out of Mexico. Together with her team, the Mexican wedding planner offers quality services thanks to her vast amount of contacts with industry professionals. The results are a fairy tale wedding.

Foto: Paola Pardomo

While we know there are so many more women in the wedding industry who are an exceptional example for all women, unfortunately we cannot include all of them in this article! However, the few that we have chosen offer us the reminder that there is no limit to what we can do. Women are hardworking, aspiring, go-getters. No matter where you come from, no dream is too big to achieve! Remember, the future is female! Happy International Women’s Day!


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