6 Mistakes Brides-to-Be Make When Shopping for their Wedding Outfit

It's like LOVE: Once you've found it, there's no need to go looking elsewhere for something better. Apply this mantra to wedding dress shopping and you can't go wrong! Avoid the typical dress shopping pitfalls with the help of this article

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Shopping for the outfit of your dreams is not always so easy, sometimes brides make mistakes that mean that the outfit they choose isn’t always the best choice. Here are the 6 errors that brides often make when they go to buy their outfit – avoid them at all costs!

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1. Bringing an Entourage

It is true that the wedding outfit is something super important and that the bride needs different opinions to feel safe in her choice. However, having ten opinions makes the decision even more difficult since it is impossible to please so many people and still please yourself. I´m sure you´ve heard it: too many cooks spoil the broth!

The ideal scenario would be to go with two people maximum and, one of them, a male companion – to have a balance of opinions. Many brides usually take their mother, sisters, aunts, and some friends. You also have to bear in mind that there will be differing opinions due to the generational gap and that personal impressions are sometimes motivated by other criteria such as price, current trends and, logically, personal preferences.

You can go to the outfit try-on with your mother and your brother for example, and another day, when you have to decide between three or four designs, take your best friend. Try not to confuse too many opinions!

2. Buying too far in advance

In most cases, as soon as a woman gets engaged, the first thing she does is to start looking for outfits – just to get an idea. The truth is that the moment the bride begins to try on the different types of outfits, inevitably she will fall in love with one and this makes it a problem if she has no intention of buying it yet. In other words, try not to visit bridal boutiques until you are ready to make a purchase.

It is important to get some criteria straight before purchasing your outfit as some factors can influence the style of it. Consider the venues, the date, the style of the ceremony and the party, as well as the predominant color of the decoration. Of course, don’t leave buying it until the last moment, as this is even more problematic. The ideal time to purchase your outfit is as soon as you have seen one you like.

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3. Trying on too many outfits 

The search for the bridal outfit can become a laborious and time-consuming job – especially when you are spoilt for choice. Outfit types ranging from lenghe to sarees and styles, ranging from traditional to western – of course it can be overwhelming! Here at Zankyou, we advise that you focus on the type of outfit you want and that you feel good in, and once you find it, do not keep trying “just in case”! Keep in mind that if you try on too many outfits, you will lose focus, which can be disastrous. Also, don’t forget to personalise your dress in some way. Often brides-to-be personalise their outfit by colour choice, instead of opting for traditional red, they go for their favourite colour. Alternatively you can just alter the design a little bit to make it more personal.

4. Choosing the wrong size

The sizes of wedding outfits do not usually correspond to traditional street sizes so sometimes it is a little harder to get it right the first time. A good sales clerk will help you choose the one that best suits you so that you can relax, and know that there are still some tweaks to be made to adapt it to your figure. A refitting of the dress is a common thing to do, simply because the couple of months leading up the wedding, have an impact on your health, sometimes due to stress.

If you insist on a particular size/your usual dress size, it may squash your bust or leave you slack at the waist. If you need a bigger size, don’t take it personally, just choose the one that fits like a glove, regardless of size. Be sure that there is a leeway of material available for the refitting of the outfit. And remember, the tailors will do the rest, however, keep in mind the design printed on your outfit, if you chose an outfit too big and get the tailor to tighten it, it may spoil the design, so chose carefully.

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5. Trying on a dress that you can’t afford

This error is monumental in the sense that it is very hard to have to lower expectations. If you start to try on outfits in a price bracket beyond the one that you can afford, you’ll fall in love with one and then when you have to look at the styles within your budget, it’ll be difficult for you to stop referring to the one you can’t afford! Be aware of your budget and do not try on dresses that don’t work with it. Dreaming is fine, but do it with your feet on the ground!

6. Not taking into account extra costs

While it’s true that the outfit has a marked initial price, there may be extra expenses for added embroidery, alterations, etc… It is important that you’re aware that these extra costs will increase the total price of the outfit and in some cases, they are unavoidable. Not to mention shoes, the choora, hair accessories, jewellery and any other accessories necessary to complete your bridal outfit.

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Knowing the possible faults that most brides make when choosing their outfits means that you can try to avoid those mistakes when choosing your own. Keep in mind that the biggest mistake you can make is not to buy the outfit when you find it, in case you see something better later. It’s like love: once you’ve found it, you’re absolutely sure and you do not have to look any further.

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