Be Inspired: Mehendi Jewellery For Brides-To-Be

Are you aware of the Indian belief about Mehendi? – ‘the darker the colour of your mehendi, the more your mother-in-law will love you’; so surely we all want out mehendi to come out the darkest possible! But what is mehendi?  Mehendi is a pre wedding ceremony which takes place a day before your wedding day. Just like any other ceremony leading up to the wedding day,  this too requires a little bit of dressing up! Accessories are the best way to complete your outfit, here we will give you tips on how to accessorise your jewellery for your mehendi day. Top tip: Your mehendi day is not about heavy jewellery ladies, so go for light weight pieces of jewellery! We also have Mehendi expert: Shalini from Shalini Mehendi Artist, who is great at decorating your feet and palms with beautiful mehendi designs.

Photo: Morvi Images.
Photo: Morvi Images.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery along with flowers is “a great way for you to look astonishing” says Kavita from Floral Art, who is an expert at making use of flowers to create the perfect summer style mehendi look! And what else can amaze us (girls) more than pretty jewellery: The pearl beads with the combination of flowers along with the perfect colour combination of your mehendi outfit is a great way to start your mehendi day!

Photo: Morvi Images.

“Pom Pom Jewelry

Let me tell you ladies, Pompom jewellery is what is trending nowadays” says expert hair and makeup artist from the Zankyou team. You must have seen in every television series; brides-to-be wearing Pompom jewellery. Be inspired ladies if you would like to go for a trendy look, you can be the next Anika from Ishqbaaz, supporting these statement jewellery pieces.

Credit: Isqbaaz.
Photo: Morvi Images.

Floral Jewelry

Floral jewellery is the most common and most used jewellery type by brides-to-be in their mehendi ceremony. Kavita from Floral Art is a big advocate for wearing floral jewellery as it “gives a beautiful and elegant touch to your complete look”. The mesmerising smell of the flowers will make you fall in love with your floral jewellery and the best part is that they are light in weight which helps you to enjoy your day comfortably, without pins stabbing your head.

Photo: Morvi Images.
Photo: Morvi Images.

Gota Patti Jewellery

Gota Patti jewellery will surely make your guests adore you, looking breathtaking, they will not want to take their eyes off you! the delicately placed jewels and lightweight jewellery will leave you to enjoy your day with ample comfort. So, why not try a bit of gota patti jewellery for your mehendi day.

Photo: Morvi Images.

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewellery is a simple, statement piece, creating a very unique look. If you want to try something different and less traditional (such as gold jewellery), then why not try silver pieces of jewellery. The versatile colour will allow you to match it perfectly with any outfit colour!  Why not try and match it with a dark colour lehngha like pink, magenta or green, you’ll surely rock it!

Photo: Morvi Images.
Photo: Morvi Images.

Kundan Jewelry

Kundan Jewellery is an all time favourite of brides, and most commonly suggested by mothers for the mehendi function. Whilst kundan jewellery is a little heavier in in comparison to the above: Floral, Pearl, Pompom and Gota Patti, it does in fact look classy without any doubt! Kundan jewellery is a gorgeous traditional set that will definitely keep the aunties talking. It may be better for you to wear just a neck piece, earrings and tikka, if you wish, to allow you to fully enjoy your mehendi day with maximum comfort!

Photo: Morvi Images.
Photo: Morvi Images.

As we all know that mehendi ceremony is an important day leading up to your big day. You want to look and feel great, so, why not try on the these jewellery pieces from the list above. Relax, unwind and enjoy the wedding festivities! These trendy jewellery pieces will ensure you look stunning, so be ready to be steal the spotlight!

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