Honeymoon in Sri Lanka Between Nature, Art and Culture

Experience your dream honeymoon in Sri Lanka with the fusion of tranquility and discovery: pristine sun-kissed beaches to tropical jungles with enchanting culture!

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The more adventurous honeymoon you can ever have with your partner in your lifetime is Sri Lanka. Their is a fusion of tranquility and adventure as well. It is the most romantic place with much fun! We are delighted to present to you Joy Travels Pvt. Ltd, a company specialising in organising bespoke honeymoon tours of Sri Lanka. We have consulted the expertise of Joy Travels, and Miss Upasana has told us that Sri Lanka is currently one of the most popular honeymoon destinations.

Enchanting Sri Lanka

The island lies in the Indian Ocean and is flat except for the southern-central part prevalently in which we find Pidurutalagala of the Mountain, the top most high, and Mount Adam’s Peak. In the forest we find that the characteristic territory equatorial climate gives the island and in which is concentrated the majority of the Flora and Fauna of this country; Equatorial own Because of climate are the monsoon seasons marked by the passage of the most difficult that make the stay, so we advise you to organize your wedding at The Journey to a favorable period of the year.The population of Sri Lanka is famous for his kindness, tranquility and hospitality; in predominantly Buddhist, there are minorities of Muslims, Hindus but also Protestants and Catholics live together peacefully in the same territory. The art of Sri Lanka is permeated by religion and in fact the most relevant sites are times and places of worship. Also see Mexico: A Honeymoon Full of Flavor, Nature and Joy.


The Main Cities

Colombo, former capital, is the largest city and modern island and also the most populated; in it the modern architecture of towers and skyscrapers contrasts with the historic beauty of buildings such as the Red Mosque At Alfar and the Grand Mosque. Moving away from the country’s economic center is the famous city of Kandy one of the greatest cult centers for the Buddhist population as inside the Royal Palace, according to legend houses the Buddha’s left canine. Another city that you must visit if you are on honeymoon in Sri Lanka is the romantic Nuwara Eliya known as the “City of Lights” or “little England” thanks to the great production of tea that is pride of the country

Amayas Resorts, is a luxury hotel complex situated in the Kandy area, known for its hospitality is a beautiful starting point to turn to culture, nature and the beauty of this fascinating island. For sea lovers instead The Fortress resort is located between the green plains of this magnificent island with 53 rooms each with its own small garden or balcony from which to enjoy the breathtaking views salla vastness of the Indian Ocean.

The Animal Paradise

Sri Lanka is among the areas with greatest biodiversity in the world; one can count about 90 different species of mammals, an ‘enormous variety of species of birds and about 80 different species of snakes. The pride of the island is made up of majestic elephants being cared for and kept in nature reserves Udawalawe and Handapangala, where they are preserved from imminent risk of extinction; the same attention is also paid to leopards, especially large but unfortunately less and less represented in the famous Wilpattu National Park.

Tree of Life

Also for those of you who want to live a honeymoon in touch with nature the Tree of Life is a perfect hotel: completely immersed in every detail is designed to seamlessly embed itself into the landscape. It is the ideal place to relax lulled by the melodious singing of the birds that inhabit the forest surrounding the hotel complex

If you love nature l ‘Uga Escapes Ulagalla is a unique hotel suitable for your honeymoon since powered by energy sources totally eco-sustainable; The hotel complex is built around a historic mansion 150 years old which gives this boutique hotel a unique atmosphere.

Crystal Clear Beaches

Sri Lanka boasts around 1,300 km of coastline where you can find beautiful beaches shaded by coconut palms and surrounded by the heavenly landscape of the green hills. Haunted maggiormante area is the south coast of the island where diving enthusiasts can venture into the waters of the Indian Ocean starting from the beaches of Tangalle to closely observe two beautiful wrecks perfectly preserved or admire the sea turtles that come up from the sea to lay the eggs. In the northern part of the frame are the least known and most pristine beaches characterized by fine white sand; first of all the Mannar beach which is directly connected to India by a natural bridge of limestone shoals that emerge just from the sea known as the Adam’s Bridge.

The Mahawali Reach Hotel

The Mahaweli Reach Hotel is a perfect luxury complex as a base to explore the island: surrounded by nature, between the forest and the banks of the Mahaweli River, the hotel has been in the family for years and for this it is appreciated for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere that the staff maintains for its guests.

Another luxury hotels to spend your honeymoon could be the Taj Samudra: The hotel complex is set overlooking the sea and is equipped with all the comforts of a luxury hotel. The Cinnamon Hotel has made the sea their strength by offering guests the chance to take part in diving tours exploring the beautiful coral reef.

The Sri Lanka Collection is a luxurious boutique hotel, in the countryside, where the service and courtesy are so British mold, but in line with the traditions of the island is the ideal destination for an international stay where you feel welcomed and pampered .

Sri Lanka’s Heritage of ‘UNESCO’

Although many do not know, the island boasts eight awards UNESCO ‘thanks to the magnificent temples and ancient archaeological sites, in addition to the natural wonders that you can claim. Are amongst these sacred town of Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Galle, Anuradhapura and Kandy all must-see and the majestic Golden Temple of Dambulla, a place that seems suspended in time. Were declared a World Heritage Site also the central mountains and the forest, natural spectacles in which time seems to stand still.

The Sri Lanka Collection is a luxurious boutique hotel, in the countryside, where the service and courtesy are so British mold, but in line with the traditions of the island is the ideal destination for an international stay where you feel welcomed and pampered.

The Anilana Hotels is a great place to stay during your honeymoon in Sri Lanka: a corner of paradise where the discretion of the service and attention to detail will amaze benevolently.

Now that you’ve made a general idea of ​​the beauties that await you in Sri Lanka you just need to pack your bags and enjoy your luxurious honeymoon in one of the most beautiful earthly paradises of the world. For more detailed information about the island, its history, its economy or any other topic, please contact the tourism office as well in Sri Lanka and good stay!

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