How to be the perfect husband on Karva Chauth

With Karva Chauth around the corner, remember what needs to be done to make your queen smile from ear to ear.

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Karva Chauth is a very special occasion that also carries a very auspicious meaning. Wives fast for their husbands the entire day surviving even without a drop of water and that my friends, is a real struggle. For doing this, wives deserve a lot of pampering from their better halves Say “I Love You” to Your Love in Different Languages. They are entitled to a lot of love, care and affection including these other things:

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Photo: Our Wedding Chapter

Staying awake as she eats her Sargi

Sargi is the only meal that your wife would have in the entire day and that too before the sun comes out. Please don’t let the alarm wake your lady up, rather, help her cook the sargi if the two of you live alone. Make it extremely special for her. You can even ask a cook to cook all her favourite dishes for her and surprise her ! She will fall more in love with you, trust us

An off from office

She is fasting for you and naturally, she wants to spend time with you. Nothing else will say ‘your’e special’ to her like you spending time to be with her. Take the day off. Karva Chauth is the day when you should keep your priorties straight and tell your boss that you won’t be coming to office and stay home just talking to her. Or watch your faviurite movie together curled up on the couch. Just rekindle the romance. Do anything that makes both of you happy. Just with her.

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Photo: Our Wedding Chapter

A surprise movie date

Since your wife is fasting, going for any outdoor activity is out of question as she can feel the need to drink water. So, in this case a surprise romantic movie is your best bet. How to get a happy and healthy relationship! Which you can also learn from your parents

Gift her a jewellery or dress

Yes a jewellery ! a neck piece, a ring, a mathapatti or a nose ring. You can gift her something that has been trending. A jewellery will remain for so long years with her and whenever she will wear that she will remember the day you gifted her.

You can gift her anything of her choice, after seeing that she will be surprised and happy or you can gift her a new saree or something ethnic for Karva Chauth night.

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Photo: Our Wedding Chapter

A ban from the kitchen

If she isn’t supposed to eat, she isn’t supposed to cook or work either. Instead of making the wife cook, you be the one who cooks for her that day ! And cook delicious dishes for her.

Spread gifts throughout the house for her

Instead of giving her the all at once, you can spread the gifts throughout the house for her. If you’re a couple all by yourself not having a party then you can even organise a small treasure hunt for her where both of you can have fun – you giving the clues and she deciphering them!

Organise a surprise Karva Chauth party for her

Call all her friends for Karva Chauth and have a special party. If not a lavish puja, you can just call them for dinner after the puja is done and the fast is broken. Or during the day when she can have fun with the ladies or you can call someonme for mehandi at home. Call all her closest friends and decorate the house with the Karva Chauth theme !

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Photo: Our Wedding Chapter

Help her dress

Tell her which earings match her dress the best and when she’s all decked up, don’t shy away from complimenting her over again. It’s going to make her feel special and motivated.

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Photo: Our Wedding Chapter

Fast for her

If she can fast for your long life and happiness, you can do so too. In that case you can skip all these above-mentioned effort as the thought of you fasting for her will be enough to make her jump with joy and make it a surprise for the night, don’t show her that you too had a fast for her, it will be amazing and priceless surprise for her. She will be filled with happiness after knowing this and glad to have a husband like you and her smile will never go out of her face.

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Photo: Our Wedding Chapter

Be the perfect husband ! Lol, we know it’s difficult despite doing your best but this one day just be the best husband in the world for her. Show her how much she matters to you and how much you love her. Make this the perfect day for her !

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