How to Check the Compatibility Before Saying YES for Marriage

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Being in a relationship with some one whom you love is probably the best feeling in the world. No matter how serious you are for your partner, you would always have a question at the back of your mind: Just to be sure enough, you need to see if he would go a long way, if you tie a knot together, or would it turn out the other way round. If you have been with each other for a really long time, you might know each other in and out. But there are still some things that you really need to focus on. There are a few things that prove that he is the one.


Do you top his priority list? Then he would be done anything just to make you happy. May it be some important work, a client meeting, or anything of a serious nature. He would find a way to get out of such situations, only because you would do the same for him.

savePhoto: Nishith Dayal Photography.Learn more about “Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.”
Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.

You are before his planning

He always makes sure he fulfils everything that you have ever said or wanted. Before making a plan, he always makes sure that you are comfortable with it, no matter if it involves friends or not. If you are not okay with it, he would not even plan it in the first place.

savePhoto: Nishith Dayal Photography.Learn more about “Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.”
Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.

Let the heart speak

If you have had a bad day, he would understand it. You would let out all the crankiness that you had gone through the entire day, and he would listen to it patiently until you are done with it. You can cry in front of him without feeling embarrassed. Once you are done, he would calm you down and would give you the required suggestions.

Future plans

You will not hesitate while making plans half a year or a year earlier. You know that by the time the time comes, you know what exactly what you want to do, and that both of you are comfortable with it. You will feel really confident about it.

savePhoto: Nishith Dayal Photography.
Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.

Value your love

He does not let you change even a bit. He loves you the way you are, and would never want anything about you to change. He loved you for you are, and not what others want you to be. He knows you are really messy, very lazy, can’t cook, and what not. But he does not expect you to do anything. He wants you to be who you are even after marriage.

savePhoto: Nishith Dayal Photography.Learn more about “Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.”
Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.

Is he close to your family

If he is close to you family and is loved by them, then there should be no second thoughts at all. When it comes to Indian Weddings, it’s not just the involvement of two people, but the Family as well. If he is close to your Family and is loved by them, then he expects the same from your side as well.

You definitely do not need people telling you whether he is the right one for you or not. It’s you who should decide whom you want to marry. If you think you have made the right decision, then just be sure once again before taking the big step, as it a matter of not just one life, but two! You can also check out How to be a good wife! & How to be an Ideal Husband! for a better and brighter future. Also learn these things to be happy in your relationship How to be happy in long a distance relationship and 5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner.

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