How to get floral inspiration for your wedding!

It is your wedding so make your decor as amazing as you are! Get an impressive floral inspiration by reading this out!

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Flowers has its own importance in Indian wedding celebrations. Nothing starts without flowers, floral always adds beauty, refreshment, essence to every corner of the surrounding. Right from a small detail of floral designs to the bigger ones, we care it about all. A wedding venue needs to be dream like, so that your guests can go gaga over it and you can get some memorable pictures to be cherished for a lifetime. To make the most of floral design for your fairy-tale wedding, we bring you best ideas, that’s gonna blossom your venue and wedding. Here we have list of Top 5 Florists in Delhi to make your wedding fabulous

savePhoto: Dili Event Wale.Learn more about “Photo: Dili Event Wale.”
Photo: Dili Event Wale.

Floral backdrop


This makes a perfect background for perfect photos. A wall full of flowers sets an amazing and pleasant view. It adds to perfect fairy-tale idea. This can be anywhere in the venue, even in the entrance or even inside the venue.

The stage

It’s the ultimate place for knot and rituals, make the most of it. The stage should look the prettiest of all. Many Indians use marigold for decorating the stage, but you can use other flowers too. You can hang flowers from the top too. Make sure it should be done in a proper way-as the most pictures are going to be from here, do not forget to take expert advice to make your wedding redolence.

savePhoto: Khurana Events.Learn more about “Photo: Khurana Events.”
Photo: Khurana Events.

Garland ceiling

This style gives an ultimate evergreen feel. For a lush, full-looking garland, consider greenery like ivy, maidenhair fern or boxwood. Add even more intrigue by hanging flower spray, clear glass terrariums and bundles of bare branches. Crystal chandeliers complete the glamorous effect of this lush indoor inverted garden.

Floral table setting

Very sensitive detailing in table of guest is an amazing idea to opt. Choose flowers like rose, lily, and orchids for the table setting. You can set it in centre of table. This will not only make your venue look good, but also make your guest feel nice and special.

savePhoto: Touchwood weddings.Learn more about “Photo: Touchwood weddings.”
Photo: Touchwood weddings.
savePhoto: Touchwood weddings.Learn more about “Photo: Touchwood weddings.”
Photo: Touchwood weddings.

Floral entrance

The more grand your entrance is, the more grand it will look with floral designs. Make sure you choose the right flower to bring out the best. Decorate everything with uniqueness  How to decorate your wedding with expert advice.

Hanging Pomanders

If you are planning for outdoor wedding, go for this. Hang them from trees at an outdoor affair, gives a perfect fairy tale look. Or even if you are doing indoor wedding, hanging from ceiling beams will look great.

Lights and flower

Its Indian tradition that light and flowers are decked-up together either in flowing water or in-build small pond. For the wedding you can keep wide big and small pots with water and let the flower and small candles flow. You can keep these in the entrance or inside the venue in corners. It’s your wedding How to organize a Grand Wedding.

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