How to make your rose day special and memorable

By doing these things you can make your rose day special and memorable and unforgettable for you partner. Sometimes love needs to be expressed through flowers.

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The second month of year is highlighted for its ‘Love-ria’ syndromes. With the month of February lovebirds sail their dream boats in oozing Love Ocean. Rose day  marks the beginning of the love week. On this day you are free to buy as many roses as your pocket can permit you, and present those to your loved ones. . Experts thoughts are “Valentine’s Day also well known as Saint Valentine’s Day marks the celebration of one of the most beautiful bonds in the world – LOVE. Yes love, its the purest form and can be for anyone for your parents, children, grandparents and even it can be for your friends. This day started as the celebration of Valentine’s week around the world”. Roses are sold as fast as pizzas. This day shares the notion of love, where you can propose to your love by offering him or her red rose or roses. How to make your first Diwali special after your wedding.

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

Select your rose

Usually on this day many people give roses to their partners. some give roses to keep the spark alive in their relationship and some to just express what they feel. But roses are of many colors and everyone has it’s own meaning. Red roses are symbol for love and passion. Yellow roses are given to show your friendship. Orange roses are given to express your wishes for other person. Pink roses are given to show your gratitude and appriciation and last for the ones who are sorry for their mistakes, go for the white roses. May Flower have some creative minds and best quality for you. How to make your partner feel special during your wedding.

savePhoto: May Flower.
Photo: May Flower.

Send bouquet home

If you have been giving roses to your partner with your hands, do something different this time and send a bouquet to their doors. Make sure to get the bouquet ready on rose day eve and prepare it in a way that it expresses your feelings. You can go for different color of roses in a bouquet. You can do different things like the number of roses can be equal to the age of your partner. This can help you reach the heart of your partner as he/she will understand your feelings. How to make your wedding memorable .

savePhoto: May Flower.
Photo: May Flower.


Now only giving roses is a bit incomplete thing, try sending a letter with beautiful and deep feeling message. By this you will be able to say the things you wanted to say to your partner which are close to your heart. It would be even beter if it’s a quotation card as it will look more presentable. 10 Memorable Things to do With Your Partner Between Your Engagement and Wedding .

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

Decorate yourself

Now you might have a creative mind and if you think that you can do much better yourself then you should make that decoration on your own as it will have the hardwork of your’s. You can also fit a photo frame in that bouquet a with a lovely photo of you two. If you wanna go to next level then you can go for a cake and Sweet Passions are right there with delicious cakes. 5 Ways to Make Him Feel Special.

savePhoto; Sweet Passions.
Photo; Sweet Passions.

Partner’s choice

Now this is very very important thing, you should know what your partner likes the most and what can make them happy instintively. Try to know what your partner likes the most when it comes to receiving gifts. By buying that particular gift you can make their rose day a memorable one but remember one thing that the color of that gift should be the one which can expresses your feelings. You can gift something unique to your partner with roses and Asthetika have some quality gifts for you. How to make your eye make-up look spectacular on your wedding day! 

savePhoto: Asthetika.
Photo: Asthetika.

Start the day

Start your day with giving roses to your partner. Whether it can be on facebook or whatsapp with a cute and lovely message or picture of roses after that spend your day with your partner and live that day at max. After you both have spend the day together and are leaving for home, say some very romantic lines and make your partner feel special and how important they are to you. Cute text messages that will make your partners day.

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

By celebrating your rose day in this way your partner will feel very special and get the feeling of luckiest person in the world that they have someone as caring as you in their life. So get ready to make your rose day a special one as there no time left. Get your fantastic photoshoot done by Candid Wediing Stories5 reasons why you should have your best friend by your side on your wedding day

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