Cute text messages that will make your partners day

A kind thought shouldn´t be left as just a thought, tell your partner how you feel about them.

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It is always an exciting feeling when you wake up to a message received from your partner, it will probably make your whole day.Kind words of love and support really do go a long way. Today we will focus on what your partner will enjoy receiving and what words of appreciation will go a long way for them. Here are 10 text messages that your partner, without a doubt would love to receive.

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Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

1. Good Morning/Goodnight: There is no better way to start or end your day with anything other than a cute message from your partner, just to let you know that they´re thinking about you. Do not wait for your significant other to message you, if you miss them go ahead and message them, let them know how you feel! Sometimes it would be nice for him to be on the receiving end, rather than always sending the messages himself.

2. I miss you: This is a very justifiable text at any time of the day. Even if you have just seen your partner the other day, send him this text the next day, let him know that you´re thinking of him.

3. Soul mates: Remind him that you’re extremely grateful and happy to have him as a companion along this road called life.

4. Best friends: When you are with someone you, you should be yourself completely and hide nothing, this will usually bring out your crazy side! When this happens you feel comfortable to behave however you want to, and you should let your significant other know how happy comfortable they make you feel, as you shouldn´t be feeling any other way.

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.Learn more about “Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.”
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

5. You are the best thing that´s happened to me: Surely at this moment in time this will be the best time of your life, being totally consumed by love. So let your partner know that this is exactly what you want and how happy this makes you feel.

6. Counting down the hours: We all know how hard it gets when you are at work or at school and all you can find yourself doing is thinking about that one person, then you get the urge to message them asking them when you will see them again! You might feel weird at first sending them that message, but guaranteed they are probably feeling the same way, so just send the message!

7. I make a massage after a while: If you are busy in our office meeting and not able to pick his call, this message is the best incentive to have a super productive day do not you think? so make sure you stay not only in words … you’ll have to give a massage!

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.Learn more about “Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.”
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

8. Ask him how his day was: Maybe he has had a difficult morning, full of work and certainly a lot of stress, so make his day with this question, then he will know that you care for him. Let him know how much love and care you have for him.

9. I have a surprise for you: It is the biggest myth that only girls love a surprise, guys love surprises just as much as girls, if not more! so be the best girl friend and send him that text!

10. I love you: Not a single day should go by where you don´t express your love for each other. It will give him much more security and of course will make him feel like the happiest and luckiest man in the world.

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