How to take care of your wedding dress

One of the most essential parts of your wedding is the dress. The perfect wedding dress will make you look gorgeous and serve as a precious reminder of your big day. That is why your wedding dress requires special care and attention. Indian wedding dresses are full of detailed embroidery and inlay work, so you need to carefully check your dress after your wedding to see if any harm has been done to it. If there is a flaw, give your dress to a tailor for repairs and finishing touches.

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter

Here are some expert tips to keep your dress flawless.

Dry Cleaning

First and foremost, you should hand over your wedding dress to professional dry cleaners so stains can be removed without damage. Dry cleaning will prevent the color of your dress from fading. You should have your dress dry cleaned immediately after your wedding day.

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter


The second step is to take your wedding dress to be ironed. Indian wedding dresses have lots of heavy inlay work, embroidery, zari, gota patti, tara sitara, etc. So it’s better to leave ironing to the professionals. If you would rather do it yourself, make sure to iron your dress inside-out. Set the iron’s temperature according to the fabric and use gentle steam.

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter


The next step is to make sure that your wedding dress is folded properly and precisely. The idea is to avoid wrinkles that can be very difficult to remove over time. Place tissue paper between the folds so that the embroidery doesn’t rub together and get ruined.  You can keep your dress safe by wrapping it in tissue paper, putting it in a garment bag, and hanging it.

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter
Photo: Soumen Nath


Last, but not least, you must preserve and store your wedding outfit in a dry, dark, and cool place. Avoid humidity at all costs. Wrap your wedding attire in an unbleached cotton cloth or muslin to prevent any damage from moths or other insects.

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter
Photo: Nikhil Arora

Finally, it is necessary to take your dress out of storage and air it out at least once a year. Keep it in the sunlight for a while and let it breathe to keep it in perfect condition.

Now it’s the dress’s turn to enjoy and breathe easy.

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