Tips on selecting your beach Wedding wear

Weddings are some thing that are filled with great fun and frolic. It would be even much enjoyable, when you know that this time it is not any other Wedding that you would be going to, but your own Wedding. This might send chill down your spine, but it is definitely some thing that you would have been waiting for a really long time now. Weddings are even more fun when they are beach Weddings. For this, you might want to know about what would be suitable enough to wear. Shrangar is here to tell you about how to select your beach Wedding wear. This would help you to be classy, elegant, and beautiful all at the same time!

Outfit: Shrangar.

A Gown is always classy 

A gown never fails to look sassy and classy. Wearing a gown on a beach Wedding is some thing that is very convenient and comfortable too. You would obviously want to be very comfortable at your own Wedding, wouldn’t you? A gown is really easy to carry, as it is just a one-piece, and you would not have to carry heavy dresses every where you go moments beautifully captured by Navdeep Soni Photography. A gown always gives you an elegant look, and would also make you look very beautiful. Here is every thing that you must know about shopping for your Wedding dress!

Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.

Pastel shade lehenga 

As it is a beach Wedding, it is always recommended to wear a pastel shade. It being an Indian Wedding, you of course, might want to wear a lehenga, as it is your big day. A beach Wedding does not have to be very loud with colors. Being sober and elegant with colors is what a beach Wedding is all about, and it would look soothing to eyes as well. If you are good with the colors, be it of your dress or the decorations, then there are major chances that your guests would be totally impressed with you as well. A pastel shade lehenga would look just amazing on you, and your partner would definitely go crazy seeing you in that pretty outfit. You can refer to Shrangar for amazing lehenga and gowns, so that you do not lack any kind of elegance and beauty when it comes to your outfit.

Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.
Outfit: Shrangar.
Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.

Go according to the theme

Nowadays, there has been a crazy wave of themed Weddings. Every other Wedding that has been taking place in the country has some or the other theme in it. The fact is that people actually enjoy themed Weddings, as they get to explore various kinds of things. If you are planning to have a theme based Wedding, then you might want to select your outfit according to the same. There are various themes that you can choose from, for your Wedding! This would make you look beautiful and you would definitely be the center of attraction; not because you are the Bride, but because you would be looking just too beautiful.

Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.

Comfortable footwear

While selecting your Wedding footwear, the first and the most important thing that you must keep in mind, is that you are organizing a beach Wedding. For this, you must make sure that you select a footwear that is comfortable enough for you to wear on the sand. Wearing heels is not recommended at all, as you would be unable to walk properly on the sand with those big heels. Wearing flats is recommended, and you would be comfortable too. You can try out Christian Louboutin’s flat footwear. It is guaranteed that you would be extremely comfortable in it.

Shoes: Christian Louboutin.
Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.

Light jewellery

When you know that you are being totally sober on your Wedding, you must also consider the jewellery. Make sure that your jewellery is light enough, because your Wedding has been arranged at the coast, and it would be really humid there. To avoid being full of sweat on your special day, it is recommended that you buy light jewellery which would avoid you from all this mess. You can look out for Neelam Kothari’s light jewellery. It would definitely be a very great idea!

Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.
Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.

These tips would not only help you look beautiful, but also look stylish and elegant on your very special day. You would also be able to have amazing fun on your Wedding, which would ultimately make the guests have fun as well. You would want to know about the beauty moments that you want to create and experience on your Wedding day. This would make you even more rocking and fabulous.

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