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Looking for a honeymoon destination? Check out the top recommendations by these social gurus

Looking for inspiration for this summer? Maybe these influencers have found the perfect spot for your honeymoon pictures and destinations.

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Once upon a time we would rely on the television for our insight into the world. Our only way of gaining information would be by watching news or dramas on television. This, however, is no longer the case!  with the rapidly advancing digital age we can all show one another the world through the different types of social platforms and influence one another in different ways. In terms of travel, there are photographers, both amateur and professionals, and communities of people who embark on spectacular trips and are responsible for showing them to their entire network of followers. Thanks to them, many adventures have begun, from honeymoons to weekend getaways. so, who are these influencers?

saveInstagram Oliver Vegas y Passionpassport
Photo: Instagram Oliver Vegas and Passionpassport

Oliver Vegas (@ovunno)


This account in particular is a Spanish account and has 400 thousand followers who witness spectacular landscapes. Could this be the honeymoon destination for you? As the image indicates, the desire to travel and engage in sporting activities is ideal. If that sounds like you, this may just be your perfect holiday for after the wedding, so, why not check out “ovunno for more inspiration! destinations ranging From a jungle to a bustling city, through the depths of the ocean, every snapshot is a sight.

Passionpassport (@passionpassport)

Passionpassport features a community of travellers who photograph the world with art to motivate the rest of the inhabitants of the globe. With more than 800 thousand followers in their ranks, the images they display vary considerably; from nature to cities, yet all maintain a beautiful and contagious common essence. If you are looking for some new scenery in life, check out this account and indulge in holidays you have never before imagined!

Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) y Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust)

They are a couple, and together they bring together all the virtues for easy success: talent and attractiveness. Meanwhile, they travel the world with their camera and continue to show their millions of fans the wonders of the world, sowing inspiration so that the most demanding travelers will reap their fruits. Although many travel destination are not within everyones budgets, do not worry, there are many ways to discover the world!

Molly Steele (@moristeele)

If you prefer nature and solitude check out this top influencer, who is a model, but also a vlogger of trips, with an exquisite taste, featuring vintage filters and unique perspectives. Here she offers a great list of destinations, may be one of these are perfect for your honeymoon celebration.

Christian Byfield (@byfieldtravel)

If breathtaking landscapes is of your liking, be sure to check out this Colombian globetrotter who decided to quit his job and collect adventures from all over the world. Grab your camera and capture the moments and breathtaking landscapes on your honeymoon.

Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)

One of the most curious accounts, featuring one of the most popular honeymoon poses! grooms, put your brides at the foreground with her back to the camera, holding your hand – a great honeymoon pose that you should definetly try out! Allow yourself to discover, you will find that the universe is more beautiful if shared with the loved one.

Paula Amenta (@mentaylunares)

Looking for a picturesque inspiration? Check out Paula Amenta,  an Argentinian who knows how to take photos with personality. This young lady is known to decorate the natural beauty of the world in her pictures with pastel shades.  The result is relaxing. Why don´t you take some inspiration and recreate these amazing photographs on your honeymoon.

Alan Estrada (@alanxelmundo)

Beautiful photos and very good roll: this is how we define the Instagram of this Mexican with a desire to live. His photographs show his sympathy and happiness, as well as the nonsense he does to give a funny touch to the snapshot. When it does not appear before the camera, the subject becomes serious and the result, although less laughable, is perfect, not only for the element photographed, but for the use of light, color and the possibilities of the environment. Your account also includes videos with tips for hardened travelers.


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