Top 5 Bridal Purse Designs For The Wedding Season

Often it it the smallest things that make the biggest difference, such as curling the eyelashes for a fuller effect, or painting your nails for a polished look. Similarly, selecting the right clutch will complete your bridal look! There are hundreds of colours, styles and sizes to choose from and this can often be overwhelming for you brides. However fear no more, here we present to you the top five, trending bridal purse designs to match your wedding outfit. So brides-to-be keep a look out for the right purse for you!

Designer: Arancia


Prints are recognised as traditional statement pieces – ranging from floral prints, brocade, to simple aztec designs. Printed clutches often feature a mixture of colours and therefore it is important to select your printed clutch carefully. Be sure not to mix prints, because the last thing you want is for them to clash and create a disorganised look. So brides-to-be if you want to make a statement, why not try a printed clutch to match your bridal outfit!

Designer: Crazy Palette


Diamonds are said to be “a girls best friend” so ultimately, are the perfect way to complete your classy bridal look. You can opt for a purse with either large, diamond pieces or alternatively, small diamante designs.  Top tip: Just be weary that the diamonds do not fall off, because that can tend to spoil the look.

Designer: Beau Monde Bags & Accessories


Our next top pick are the classic pearl clutches. Beautifully embellished; they are a great bridal accessory to have and a great way to complete the final bridal look. Pearls are so versatile and therefore will look great with whatever colour outfit you decide to go for! They are perfect for a very stylish bride and help create an elegant, yet trendy final look.

Designer: Kunst by Diksha

Plain Bold Colour

Alternatively you can opt for a very plain clutch that allows the main eccentric colour to speak for itself. This way there is no clashing and conflict of patterns, but simply a nice statement piece that speak a thousand words. You can even go for the traditional gold or silver since they are colours often used in bridal wear for embroidery, or even a bold red to compliment the traditional red bridal outfit.

Designer: Essdee Accessories


This carefully hand stitched style creates a sense of uniqueness and are a great way to add the extra edge to your bridal outfit. Be careful to choose a style that will compliment your outfit, this can be a little tricky due to the variety of colours used. However, fear not because these exclusive designs are a must have, trending accessory! – Perfect for a sangeet night!

Designer: Loca Chica

So brides-to-be, here are the top five style clutch designs you can opt for. Carefully consider your outfit, the patterns, the colours and the jewels use to ensure you select the perfect clutch to compliment your outfit on your big day!

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