Top 5 Indian Trends that have resurfaced

Wedding trends are constantly evolving and adapting, however one thing we have noticed is the reoccurance of trends, styles and particular designs – all of which are resurfacing and becoming the trend of 2017. From the phulkari chunni to brocade prints; here are the top 5 trends that have reoccured!

Designer: Crazy Palette

Phulkari Chunni

The Phulkari, literally translated means ‘flower work’, and is a chunni (scarf) comprising of the phulkari design. It is a traditional trend originating from the Punjab, and has recently resurfaced becoming one the 2017’s top fashion pieces. This style can be worn to any function, ranging from your own wedding to a friends 1st birthday party. It is such a versatile piece that can be dressed up and dressed down. The bright colours associated with it make it perfect for a jago night or sangeet ceremony. Get your phulkari chunni and piece it with any colour of your choice!

Mirror Suits 

Another trend that has resurfaced this year is the mirror style suits. This outfit design features small, often round or square shaped plastic mirror pieces and are perfect for any occasion. The simplicity of the design makes it a beautiful outfit that is a must buy!

Brocade Print

A very traditional print that will never go out of fashion! This piece is a carefully hand embroidered style that embodies elegance and sophistication. Paired with pearls, you will surely make a jaw dropping entrance! It is a perfect statement piece for any occasion.

Designer: Aza Fashion

Pom Pom Earrings 

A rather unique, statement accessory that has found its way to the western market. These pom-pom earrings are a great way to add a touch of colour and to even the most basic salwaar kameez. Top tip: do not worry about matching or coordinating. Let these earrings clash with your other accessories for some major fun. It really is a great way to bring some fun to your outfit!


Round Bindis

A quintessential accessory for every bride to be: this very simple yet statement accessory is another piece that has also found its way to the western market. These round bindis come in all different shades and colours, and is a great way to enhance the natural beauty of the face. Top tip: bindis come in all different sizes and shapes, so be sure to find the right design for your face! These are a great style for brides-to-be with an oval or triangular shaped face; A small forehead, strong jawline and a pointed chin, are the features of a triangular face. Why not select a different shade round bindi for all your wedding outfits!

Photography: Shobhit Bajpai Photography

These resurfaced trends are definitely must have items for the wedding season, so, be sure to select your favourites and rock them at any special occasion! From simple accessories like your bindi style to the print of your outfit, you will easily find a way to incorporate these trends into your outfit.


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