Top 5 wedding jewelry shops in Johari Bazar, Jaipur

Amazing dress, perfect makeup and most importantly your jewelry are gonna make the difference on your wedding day. So choose your bridal jewelry from these top best jewelry stores in Jaipur!

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Bride’s best friend is her jewelry, she never wants to take any kind of risk with her wedding look. Your jewelry should match your wedding outfit not too heavy not too light. Johari Bazar in Jaipur is home for jewelry, this is a perfect place to buy wedding jewelry if you want the best jewelry on your dream day. So visit these stores for most elegant and precious stones jewelry to making your big day grand, best jewelry shops in Jaipur!

P.C. Jewellers- Visit Web


It all started when PC Jeweller first opened its first showroom in 2005 in Karol Bagh, New Delhi with a vision to redefine elegance, allure, and style in the form of stunning pieces of jewelry. Today they have a physical presence at 78 showrooms across 61 cities and 18 states. Since its inception, the company has been a pioneer in designs as every product is crafted to a standard of perfection. Whether it is elaborate wedding jewelry or affordable wearables, PC Jewellers has fashioned exceptional designs with unmatched quality. Over time, timeless treasures from PC Jeweller have helped intimate moments become lifetime memories.

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Jewelry: P.C. Jewellers.
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Jewelry: P.C. Jewellers.

Motisons Jewellers- Visit Web

Motisons Group is one of the established names in the business world of Jaipur, Rajasthan, which made its debut in 1998 as a jeweler and soon emerged as one of the renowned jewelers not only in Jaipur but across the country because of the vibrant jewelry items offered by the experts working with the group. Motisons Jewellers will give you perfect look with their perfect jewelry designs!

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Jewelry: Motisons Jewellers.
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Jewelry: Motisons Jewellers.

Amrapali Jewels Pvt Ltd- Visit Web

Amrapali was a renowned royal courtesan said to have lived around 500BC in ancient India, she is also the timeless symbol of a Muse, one who brings you inspiration, intuition, and higher vision through her timeless beauty and grace. Amrapali’s extraordinary beauty and charm was also known far and wide. She is mentioned in the old Pali and Buddhist traditions, particularly in conjunction with the Buddha staying at her mango grove. The timelessness of the legend and its immediate association to feminine beauty, delight and India’s heritage make it the ideal association for the brand. Choose the best for your wedding.

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Jewelry: Amrapali Jewels Pvt Ltd.
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Jewelry: Amrapali Jewels Pvt Ltd.

J K J & Sons Jewellers- Visit Web

J.K.J. & Sons Jewellers, who have always added to your treasures at different occasions, since Satya Narayan Mosun started this world-class jewelry store. Amidst the bustling multicultural society in Rajasthan, J.K.J was established in the golden year 1868. Since then the name of J.K.J slowly and steadily started spreading all over the nation. The business further flourished and with the help of their dedicated team of artisans, they started exporting their creative collection of gold jewelry to Dubai from the year 1992 until 1994.

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Jewelry: J K J & Sons Jewellers.

Khandaka Jain Jewellers- Visit Web

Khandaka Jewellery is a captivating collection of fine jewelry by unique one-on-one relationships developed with their customers. Khandaka Jain Jewellers only sell genuine, precious jewelry that is not only Hallmarked by an agency but also by their regular customers who have been coming to them from generations. The Khandaka Jewellery collection has the look of the finest, most exclusive jewelry without the serious price tag. Khandaka Jewellery designs offer stunning pieces in an array of imaginative settings and captivating styles that will coordinate with your entire wardrobe – your finest formal-wear and business suits to your relaxed, casual fashions and weddings.

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Jewelry: Khandaka Jain Jewellers.

The wedding day is a most precious day for a girl so she would love to wear precious jewelry. Wedding outfit is not enough to look pretty so have the best jewelry to complete your wedding look!

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