Wedding invitations 2017: Here are all the new trends

Here are the latest trends to impress your guests with your Wedding invitations!

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Little love messages for your guests. They will have to follow a common thread of your Wedding and blend in to the atmosphere of your big day. What are we talking about? Of course, your WEDDING INVITATIONS! Small paper supports that express unique feelings and sensations will be the modern hotness that will communicate your Wedding. Just because the themes of the Wedding invitations are always warm, we have an expert from Design Dimensions who will tell us about the new trends!

savePhoto: Design Dimensions.
Photo: Design Dimensions.

Custom logo


Having the logo of the spouses to use around the coordinated paper, and even in food. You can print your logo on a wafer-to-use food to create placeholder biscuits or treats for the sweet final table. This would never fail to impress the guests.

Importance of the font

Font is something that express the mood of the Wedding. It should be just right; not too loud, and not too sober. Of crucial importance is the use of a modern font, calligraphic, and highly visual. This definitely guarantees success.

Save the date

Send a ‘Save The Date’, or an announcement that comes before formal invitation and it will serve to your guests to set the date of your Wedding. This would make the guests feel that they mean a lot to the you, and that the you really want the guest to be there. This way, the date will be registered in their mind, and they would not miss your Wedding at all.

savePhoto: Design Dimensions.
Photo: Design Dimensions.

Choice of paper

Use natural and ecological papers like scatter-able paper or craft paper. If the invitation is hand-made, it would make the guest feel really special. The choice of paper in the invitations also show the standard of your Wedding. If it is an expensive paper, then it automatically registers to the guest’s mind that the Wedding is going to be a high budget one, and is going to be an amazing and memorable experience.

Custom Details

Enrich creation with lots of details in wood or shaped tag, for the packaging of your Wedding Invitations. Every small detail is very necessary when it comes to the invitations. These small things are the one that make it very special for you and the guests who are going to attend the Wedding.

savePhoto: Design Dimensions.
Photo: Design Dimensions.

3D effects

Three-Dimensional (3D) effects are not a bad idea. But remember, it should not be in excess. Too much of a 3D effect can ruin the impact of a beautiful invitation. You can keep 3D effect, but only limited. Choose a 3D Wedding card, or rather enriched with a flower made of paper and enclosed in a box, or a precious invitation parchment placed in a glass vial.


Sending goodies with the invitation is a whole new trend in the current time. This makes the guests happy, and in turn makes you happier. People always love it when they are surprised with something. So why not surprise them with the special goodies that you send to them? Goodies can include things like chocolates, dry fruits, show pieces, and what not! The guests will be really happy to receive the goodies, as it is a really gesture from the Bridal couple to them!

Separate invites

You can also send your guests separate invites for every function, so that it is easier for them to save the dates of every function, keeping in mind that an Indian Wedding goes for as long as almost a week! Also, you can use this technique to avoid the chaos of putting all the events in to one invitation and creating confusion in the guest’s mind. This sounds more sophisticated and convenient, right? So you might as well use this idea of it.

savePhoto: Design Dimensions.
Photo: Design Dimensions.

Choosing the best invitation card for your Wedding is very essential. It is obvious that you would start your search of the invitations online, and get an idea about them. But it is advisable to visit an expert, so that you do not go off track, and you impress your guests in the most special way. Your invitations are the first thing that your guests see before your Wedding. It will reveal their color, the style, and the mood of a special feast and the unique day. Know the best way to invite your guests with the best invitation cards, so that they do not forget to attend your Wedding at all.

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