Zankyou India Collaborates With Runway Rising - 4th April 2018

Runway Rising is one of the most recognised retail exhibitions in the capital. Started by Ramola Bachchan (yes she is related to the Big B) a known name in the fashion world.  She not only launched Runway Rising but Runway Bridal, and HouseFull as well when she moved back from London after having lived there for 20 years. “I noticed that our country has a real entrepreneurial spirit and felt that a lot of young talent needed a platform to showcase themselves and that’s really how it started,” says this age-defying fashionista.

Courtesy: Runway Rising Ramola Bachchan

What You Will Find:

In her own words, she says “oh! everything to fill your trousseau trunks with, from outfits for pre-wedding functions, summer must-haves, bags, shoes, jewellery and even home items.” From young designers with amazing pricing to well known established brands, everything a bride could need for her wedding, and even post her wedding is all under one roof, especially curated by Bachchan herself. If you knew her and her eye for fashion you can rest assured everything will be on point. Though for more bridal outfits be sure to check out the upcoming Runway Bridal.

Courtesy: Runway Rising

5 Expert Tips For The Summer Bride:

  1. “Make the most of the weather, plan accordingly, you have to be indoor, think cool chanderi and chiffon.
  2. Go with what you like, wear what makes you feel good and don’t try and copy someone else. Be original!
  3. Stick to your budget, I’d like to assure brides that there are things out there that you can get within your budget and you don’t have to think in huge sums.
  4. Jewellery, I think a young bride has her own beauty so should be minimal on accessorising and not be overshadowed by her jewels
  5. If you really have a tight budget, you can always rent your wedding outfit, there are some really good rental companies. So don’t despair, I mean frankly feel its a bit of a waste to spend too much, I mean when does one wear it again anyway?”.
Courtesy: Runway Rising

Most Fun Wedding Memory:

“Mr. Mittal’s daughters’ wedding in France, it was mind-blowing, at the time it was something no one had seen before. It was three days, each event was in a unique location, and everything from the decor to the food and music was just amazing.”

Courtesy: Runway Rising

Final Verdict: 

Summer wedding yay or nay? Go destination she says! And you can’t, make sure you have an amazing air conditioned space and lots of amazing floral arrangements. “When my daughter was getting married, it was April, we were very concerned about the heat, but towards the date, it was still so pleasant we didn’t even need the outdoor ACs. It was a farm space, so a few degrees cooler than a city anyway. The flipside was it poured! But then they say that’s lucky for a bride! But not for our food! Lucky we had indoor space as well, so people weren’t drenched. But summer weddings in India can be tough, with the heat, especially for the bride in all that finery. If you have to get married in the summer best if you have a destination wedding someplace like Europe or plan for it to be after September which is when the weather in India is lovely and perfect for weddings.

Courtesy: Runway Rising

So come meet the Zankyou India team and get ready to shop till you drop at Runway Rising tomorrow!

Date – Wednesday, 4th April 2018

Location – The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi

Exhibition Timings – 11 am to 8 pm

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