15 Things Only Married Women Understand

Just so that your after-wedding life does not come to you as a surprise.

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We all talk about our wedding days, how they are going to be like, how do we want it to be like and etc. The excitement for wedding is something we all hold at seem or the other part in our lives and it’s especially more in women. Why? Because women undergo much greater changes in her life after wedding than a man and they are ready to face them efficiently. There is hype for everything, wedding dresses, decoration, guests, shopping, new life and what not. What we don’t think about in general is after-wedding life. Say “I Love You” to Your Love in Different Languages.

savePhoto: Simplypush Photography
Photo: Simplypush Photography

We undergo a lot of changes in our life after wedding and some of these are major ones which we all know about. There are many other things which only a married woman will know after she has understood this of concept of marriage. So here we are to tell you about these little-big things which you are unaware of till now.

New name

A person carries along with him his name, his identity all his life but it’s partially true for women. After getting married, you will have to forget your name given by your father and get a new surname.


It is well said that a good marriage is made of two people who have to sometimes compromise with each other. The majority of compromises go into a women’s court only.

New bonds

Wedding does not only means a partner but also a new family. A woman has to go to a new family and make new bonds with fresh faces which are really not easy.

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Photo: Simplypush Photography

Give up

No, it doesn’t mean giving up emotionally. It means that a woman will have to give up on her likings a lot. She will have to do what she may not like to keep everything at pace.

Life changes

Not only your name but your lifestyle is majorly changed after getting married. Your lifestyle will not be like an older one. You may not get to party on the weekends and would have to wake up early in the morning.

More responsible

Generally, it is said that a man have to become more responsible after getting married but in fact, women gets more responsibilities like keeping an eye on everything, cooking, taking care of everyone and so on. Be the best cake baker in your house, take some ideas from 56 reasons you should marry your partner.

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Photo: Simplypush Photography

Miss your home

It is obvious to miss your home after shifting to a new home, a place where you have spent all your life till now. You will sometimes terribly miss your home and will not be able to do anything about it.

New parents

Who can think of getting your parents replaced? No one! But a woman has to get a thought of it because after getting married she has to make her partner’s parents as her own parents. This does not mean to leave her old ones, but just love them equally How to make strong relationship bond with your in-laws.

Forever is true

All of us have a relationship at some point in our lives and we also sometimes swear for a ‘forever’ to them. After becoming a married woman, you have to understand this concept of forever more deeply.

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Photo: Simplypush Photography

Family person

You might be a person who likes to go out, talk less in family, do not attend family functions at times but after wedding, these things do not work. As a responsible wife, you will have to do everything to keep your family stick together.

An all-rounder

You might be an all-rounder in your school or college but being an all-rounder in your home is completely different. You must be a good cook, good wife, good mother, good daughter, and good home maker and basically be good at almost everything. Read How to make your dream wedding a reality

Give birth

This is the most special thing a woman is blessed with. To give birth to a child is bliss. But for that, you will have to go through so many hard times too.

savePhoto: Simplypush Photography
Photo: Simplypush Photography

Change priorities

After marriage, you become so much busy in your life that you can’t do all the things all think you will. You will have to change your priorities.

Be calm

It is really obvious that a person will get tired after having such a long day and so will your husband be. So, don’t forget to keep your calm and welcome your husband with a big smile when he gets back from work.

Best manager

People say that women are not good managers but I say that nobody can be a better manager than women. She manages her work, home, relationships and everything so perfectly and never complains of it. So girls, get your skills sharpen.

savePhoto: Simplypush Photography
Photo: Simplypush Photography

Women are blessed with superpowers and one must know how to use them wisely. Also, read 5 Reasons to hire a co-ordinator for your Wedding.

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