7 Ways to inspire your Husband

Make the man of your dreams feel loved, and inspire him in the best way possible!

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Have you ever wondered about what really goes around in your Husband’s mind? Well, there must be many times when he would have made you feel special, and made you feel like you are a queen, and the only person he trusts and loves the most in the world. When he can take up such efforts and pain to make you feel special, then you can do the same as well, and make him feel like a king.  Mahima Bhatia, from Mahima Bhatia Photography, tells us about the ways through which you can inspire your man, so that he feels lucky to have you in his life!

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Take him on a date


It is not only a man’s job to take a woman on a date; a woman can do the same as well. To make your Husband feel more loved, take him out on a date, and it is you who should do the payment, and not him. This would make him wonder what a unique and a gem of a person you are, and he would be really happy to have you in his life. Take him to a place that he loves visiting for meals, or you can also have your own set-up if you wish so. Own set-ups for romantic dates never fail to impress people, especially when a woman does all the hard work.

Keep notes for him

Keeping him random notes for him here and there would really surprise him and make him feel really loved. You can either keep a few notes next to him while he is sleeping, so that the first thing that he sees in the moring is your note, that can make his day even more special, than it already was. You can also put up sticky notes to the places he visits after he wakes up, and at the places he goes to while getting ready for work. These places can include bathroom, bedroom, dressing room, breakfast table, and every other place that he visits.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Express how much you love him

If you keep telling your man about how much you love him, he will never be insecure of the relationship. You would have heard a phrase saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’, right? So this is exactly what you have to do here. Just by telling him verbally that you love him is not going to work. Proving it to him with your actions is the only way to make him realize and have an hundred percent assurity that your relationship is in the right path, and that you really love him.

Give him gifts

It is not only the duty of a man to give gifts to his wife. You can also make him feel special by gifting him things that he loves. Men would never day this. but they always expect something in return, if they are doing so much for you, just to make you feel special and also make you feel that you are not less than any queen. If this is the case, then why not make them feel like a king? There are a few things that you can gift your Husband, that he would be really happy to have- formal clothes so that he can wear them to work, accessories like tie, belts, wallets, so that he can use them with all the love, the latest gadgets that he would love to see. These small things would make his day so special, that he would never forget these small moments.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Support him

Every one needs support. May it be emotional support, physical support, or mental support. You must always support your Husband in every thing he does, because if he is doing some thing, he is definitely doing it for a reason. Support is very essential for a person to move forward in life, and dream big too. If he has your full support, then he can make anything possible, and can achieve any thing that is the best suitable for the two of you, which would make you have a better and good future.

Surprise him

Surprising your Husband is probably the cutest thing ever. You might be wondering about how it can be cute, right? Well, when you see the expression on his face after he has been surprised by his beloved Wife, then that priceless expression is going to look just too adorable for words. There many ways by which you can surprise him, that would leave him speechless. You can take him for a paintball game, or maybe a match of his favorite sport, or you can even visit his work place with the food that you have cooked, so that you both can have a surprise lunch together!

Listen to him

Every body has their own stories to tell. This can include an individual’s past, present and the future. Listening to your Husband would make you understand him in a better way, and would also help you two have better connection among yourself. If you listen to him, then he would have it at the back of his mind that there is at least some one who would listen to him, and let out the things that he really wants to share, may it be happy or sad. Him knowing that it is none other than the love of his life who is there to listen to him, then nothing else would make him more happier than this thought.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Just because your Husband does not say anything, does not mean that you would not do anything to make him feel special. All you have to do is, follow these steps so that you can have an amazing future ahead, and your bonding with your Husband would be better than ever before. Having a caring relationship is really important and is very essential. Here are a few steps through which you can achieve an extremely caring relationship!


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