From Classmates to Soul Mates: Sharmila and Nathan’s Journey of Love

Love has no reason, no boundaries, no distance. When it happens, there’s no going back. The story of Sharmila and Nathan is an example of the limitless nature of love. We met Sharmila and Nathan through their wonderful photographer Jude Lazaro, who happened to capture the most beautiful moments of their wedding day.

The Couple

Sarmila and Nathan started as classmates at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They happened to sit next to each other in their Organis Chemistry class in the fall semester of their second year. The rest is history. Time passed by, bringing many wonderful moments in Sharmila’s and Nathans’ life. When the time was right, Nathan decided to propose to Sharmila on a beautiful warm summer afternoon by the beach in Maine.

Credit : Jude Lazaro
Credit : Jude Lazaro

The Ceremony

The traditional Indian wedding took place in Bangalore. It was a multicultural event, with family and friends traveling from all over India, The United States, Denmark, France, and Australia. It is always a treat to see people from different cultures come together from all over the world to celebrate the union of two beloved companions. Sharmila and Nathan gave their guests jasmine plants, a unique gesture that was very meaningful to Sharmila’s  family.

Sharmila says “The wedding was an explosion of color, music, dance, food and festivity, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I will always remember trying hard to keep pace with the Sanskrit mantras that the priest had me repeat and hoping that I would put the sindoor and mangalsutra correctly, since I had a hundred eager eyes watching me.”

Credit : Jude Lazaro
Credit : Jude Lazaro

Decoration and Venue

Sharmila and Nathan fell in love with Ganjam Mantapa as soon they entered. The intimate bungalow embodies traditional South Indian architecture and has warm and cozy, yet regal charm.

The couple wanted to have an ecological wedding. For their wedding invitations, they contacted Urvee, a small environmentally friendly NGO. Urvee not only creates beautiful art from recycled paper, but also provide jobs for underpriveliged women. Sharmila and Nathan had their invitations made by Urvee with traditional Indian handmade paper. For dresses, Sharmila wanted something vibrant and elegant. She found the perfect wedding apparel at Mysore Silk Udyog and Lakshmi Silks.  Sharmila was so happy to have her dress taken care of by her sister Priyanka Raghunandan, who spent endless time helping her out with her dress.

Credit : Jude Lazaro
Credit : Jude Lazaro


Sharmila’s wedding invitation done by Rekha Mavinkurve URVEE, she mentions that all the vendors including her wedding planner: Wedding Okey worked tirelessly and did a splendid job in making her dream wedding a reality with beautiful decoration and stunning mandap. RNM Catering Pvt Ltd took care of delicious food for their wedding. Sharmila’s wedding make up was done by Yadhu YDU to make her look more pretty. Sharmila’s special note to photographer Jude Lazaro: “Nate and I could not have asked for a more talented photographer. Jude captured every special moment at all the events and left us with a plethora of colorful and candid pictures that emanate artistic perfection. We will treasure his pictures forever”

Credit : Jude Lazaro
Credit : Jude Lazaro
True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process.
Vendors: Wedding invite: Rekha Mavinkurve URVEE| Makeup: Yadhu YDU| Tailoring: Akash Malaysian Tailors|

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