How can a bride choose her nose ring according to her face shape

For all those who have been waiting to pierce their nose, start out with a small ring or stud and work your way up. Remember that you can’t change your nose ring for several weeks after the piercing since the nose takes the time to heal. So a simple stud makes a great start for most people. However, you can change the ornament to suit the shape of your face and nose. Tamanna Makeup Artist will give you a new look by adding her magic in makeup. Here’s a lowdown on the different kinds of nose accessories to suit your face type. Now let’s tell you how to pick the right nose ring for every face shape what looks good and what doesn’t! But first, the basics of course. Faces can be broadly divided into six shapes- Round, Oval, Square, Heart, Diamond and Oblong.

Photo: Kishandas & Co.

Oval face

You are one of the lucky few who has a face shape on which almost everything looks good since your face is pretty symmetrical! Here is what to keep in mind. If you have one of those oval faces which are small, then a very big nath can look pretty overwhelming and hide say your lips or some other features. So pick a size that’s medium- not too large. An embellished or encrusted chain from the nath to the top of the ear suits brides with an oval face. You can really experiment with any nath as long as it isn’t too large. You can go for Kishandas & Co for your jewellery.

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Long face

Your face has more length than breadth. That means that you have to make sure you do not elongate it further with the jewellery. Here is what to keep in mind. Do not pick a nath that has more work on the bottom part- that will give the illusion of an even longer face. Your best bet is to pick a perfectly round nath, which has work on the centre, not below. A beaded nath with even work all over looks great. Picking a nath with a thick chain is also a good idea as the chain going horizontally against a vertically long face can give the illusion of more breadth- making your face look a bit wider than it is.

Photo: Morvi Images.
Photo: Kishandas & Co.

Round face

This is a tricky face shape, as people with a round face tend to look heavier than they actually are. Wrong jewellery can make a bride with a round face look even chubbier, so here is what to keep in mind when picking a nath. Oversized and statement jewellery pieces like a vintage nath look amazing as they can distract from the roundness of the face. But make sure you do not pick a nath that is totally and symmetrically round in shape- it will add to the roundness of the face. Choose a nath with an angle or embellishment that pokes out in an angle below and not on the side, that will cut down on the roundness of the face and add to the length.

Photo: Morvi Images.
Photo: Bharatplaza.

Square face

Your jawline and cheekbones are what stand out on your face, and gives it some edge and definition as compared to a round face. That is why your facial jewellery should work on softening those features. Here is what to keep in mind. Naths look great on a square face as they are a one-sided accessory and divert attention from the centre of the face, which is what you want. Around, oversized nath can look great on your face, but avoid one with angles to it.

Photo: Tamanna Makeup.

Heart face

ou have a wide forehead and a pointed chin, which are the features that stand out on your face. Here is what to keep in mind. Almost every shape of nose ring would look great on a heart-shaped face. So you should pick a nath that highlights your jawline since you have a pointed chin. For a perfect match for your dress, you can go for Bharatplaza. Do not pick something so big that your face looks even smaller. Naths with delicate, draped chains would look great on your face shape. So a multi-stand nose ring is what we’d recommend!

Photo: Morvi Images.

Here is what to keep in mind. The aim of your nose ring should not be to distract from your cheekbones since they are your best feature You probably have a sharp nose as well, so make sure not to pick a very big nose ring that covers your cheekbones. You can pick something that has work below rather than on the cheek like in the pic above.

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