How you can transform your simple bridal look into mesmerising by adding oversized heritage nose ring.

In the Indian culture the custom of wearing nose rings begin in the 16th century. In the past,  the bridal ensemble was incomplete without the nose ring (called the ‘nath’). Modern brides often make do without this jewellery piece, but thanks to Bollywood, the interest in this jewellery piece is being rekindled. Today there is a wide range of choice available in nose rings for the modern brides. You can choose from the simple, single stones/studs to large elaborate designs which sometimes run across the cheek over the ear and may also be attached to the earring. Brides can even buy complete sets of Kundan studded nose rings, necklace, bangles, maang tikkas and earrings for matching with their wedding attire. But now a days over sized heritage looking nose rings are stealing the show they can add that extra charm to your bridal look and take it to the next level.

Presented below are a few nose ring designs that we love. Go ahead; choose one for your D-Day!

The glitz: This nath is a great pick for the glamorous charm that a bride wants to exude. The bold stones and the tiny pearls make it look magical. The thin gold strings with the scattered stones add to its beauty.

The Princess style nath: This nath is the epitome of royalty! With tiny pearls beautifully strung together, along with the coloured gemstones, this one is for every bride’s inner queen. If you are looking to wear something that really stands out, it should be this piece.

The floral nath: Little floral motifs, some pearls and red stones, all married gracefully to create this unique nath. It is specially made for the bride, we’d say, to go with her gorgeous red bridal lehenga. And get a perfect look How to Get Perfect Bridal Makeup.

Diamonds nath: If you’re wearing a diamond set on the wedding day, this round diamond-studded nose ring is all that you need to complete the look. It’s delicate, yet powerful. Just perfect for the girl who loves diamonds remember 10 Things every Bride should have on the Wedding day.

The Big Circle nath: This nath is so striking, with the circular stones highlighted with a line of mini pearls. This will look so pretty when matched with a pink or any pastel coloured outfit.

Kundan nath: You need this nath to match your kundan set. It’s got large stones to go along with the larger stones set in the necklace and earrings. The green tint in this nose ring will compliment a red lehenga graciously.

Floral Flair:  If you are wearing a jewellery set that has floral designs, you’ve got to wear a matching nath too. This large nose ring comprising four flowers is sophisticated and exclusive. Who wouldn’t want that for her big day?

Geometric pattern: If you are a the contemporary type of bride looking to experiment, this nath is what will add that fabulous finishing touch. It’s offbeat with triangular stones attached to the gem strings. All we can say is WOW!

The Strings pattern: This exquisite nath is all things marvellous. The large pearl drops along with the square stones and the single flower standing out…what more can we say? The extra strings make this one ultra grand.

The Peacock pattern: When you choose to wear a gold and rubies filigree set, this is the nath that is apt. It’s a statement piece, almost ethereal and dreamy. We cannot stop admiring the gorgeous peacock motif on it. Be ready for your Amazing Bridal Hairstyles-2017.

The Magnificent Jewel: This larger-than-life nath is for the bride who wants the nath to do all the talking. It’s got multiple flowers, jhumkis and some pearls too. A superior design suitable for the elegant bride. It’ll go well with kundan, polki or pearl sets.

The Diamond Droplet: When wearing a slightly more elaborate diamond set, you’d love to keep the vibe going for your nath as well. That’s when you should choose this. It’s more wearable in the future too! We love the design.

Don’t think you do not have the perfect nose for a nose ring or small nath,  these can be for you, since it distracts from the shape of the nose. Might look a little too much, but with everyone sporting huge maangtikkas, this is something that sets the bride apart from the crowd. Nath comes after choosing your bridal dress How to buy the wedding dress: Keep 9 things in mind!

You can not miss this Bridal Wedding Dress -2017 check them out. Here are some tips to get perfect  magical look with your nath: Make sure the work on the nath and the rest of the jewellery matches, it can look really off otherwise. It will work for mostly everyone. But try the whole look out with your wedding lehenga before you give it a go. Don’t blindly pick up the nath and try to make it match. Contrasting colours work very well for this look as well, or you could just stick to the kundan/diamond look 10 Things every Bride should have on the Wedding day.

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