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  • 11 things your man will never understand

11 things your man will never understand

You may drive him crazy but there is no doubt in his heart that he loves you just the way you are.

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Surely when being with your partner over a duration of time, you come across some communication issues and wonder, am I really that difficult to understand? You can probably find yourself wondering if you are the only one who feels like this, but we can assure you that you aren´t. Simply, men just don’t understand somethings that women would like them to. At Zankyou our aim is get reach out to all you females who are in need of help when your man isn’t cooperating!

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.Learn more about “Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.”
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

1. Why doesn’t my partner understand me? The reality is, we expect our partners to be mind readers and automatically understand. Guys are the worst mind readers! Ladies, if you want your man to understand you, you need to speak up and tell them what your issue is. Guys aren’t good at playing detective and trying to suss out what they did wrong, if you’re annoyed you just have to tell them or else you will be playing a very long waiting game.

2. That week long emotional ride which is also known as your period: One minute you are over the moon and loved up and the next you have so many hateful emotions that not even you can explain. Do not worry ladies, we have all been there! It doesn’t matter how many times you will tell your man that you feeling like you are dying, and feel like you are giving birth, they just won’t understand because they have nothing they can compare it too, even though they may say they do.

3. Why makeup is a Godsend: Isn´t it the worst when guys just don´t understand why we need tons of the same makeup, but just in a different shade? Truth is, they will never understand, and sometimes some things are best left unexplained.

4.Miscommunication over whatsapp: Whatsapp can be a deadly tool if used incorrectly. Guys need to understand that any argument or compliment is not just between the two of you. The argument in fact involves, you, him AND ALL your friends.

savePhoto: Knottydays.Learn more about “Photo: Knottydays.”
Photo: Knottydays.

5. Stop beating around the bush: As girls we have a really bad habit of not addressing the situation directly and instead asking 101 irrelevant questions instead. Do yourself a favour and just tell them if you have a problem, you will save hours of unnecessary silent treatment.

6. Why we take 10 hours to get ready: I don´t know about you, but whenever we say we will be ready in 2 hours, you can easily make that 4. We have to relax and get ready, whereas guys don’t have to do anything and then moan when we take forever. This, I´m afraid is just something that they have to get used to.

7. Heels or Flat? Heels are a necessity in every girls life, but it doesn´t mean that we love wearing them, in fact its quite the opposite. Guys will never understand that we will get all dolled up in our favourite dress and shoes, but in our clutch we will always carry a pair of our trustee fold-able flats to wear when the night gets too long and you just want to dance and have a good time!

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.Learn more about “Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.”
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.
savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.Learn more about “Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.”
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

8. Why Shopping is never the same for the both of you: A guy will look around a few shops and finish his shopping within an hour, however girls can easily take the whole day, and then the next day be sure we return over half the things we have brought. This is just something that guys have to get used to as it won´t ever change!

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.Learn more about “Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.”
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

9. An argument isn´t over unless we say it is: One day we are happy and over any argument, however the next day we can wake up and be angry at the same situation. Not even we know why we do this, but guys just need to know that the argument isn´t over until we say it is.

10.Why you´re always dieting: Even if you believe you´re not perfect, your man is with you for a reason, he thinks you are. For this reason your man will never understand why you constantly complain about how you need to diet and lose weight, when all he wants to do is eat junk with you all night and watch movies.

11. Why do you need a bag? Guys will never understand why we need a bag, when at the end of the night we end up giving our things to hold anyway while we have the time of ourselves! Sorry guys, that´s just how the way it works.

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