What colour dress should a bride choose for her wedding

Wedding dress selection is very crucial and one of the biggest decision you are going to make for your wedding shopping.

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Your wedding planning makes you go dance on your feet. And why not, it is the most amazing part of a person’s life. You get so much excited to plan out everything; the feeling is really unique and unbeatable. The significance of wedding is different for the bride and the groom as they both have different ideas of having a perfect wedding. For a groom, it’s maybe the most pompous event of his entire lifetime and a great way to celebrate their love. For a bride, it is everything from the idea of getting married, staying forever with your partner, starting a new life, calling out all the friends and screaming to the top of the voice to announce her good fate and the most importantly, to shop for her wedding.Ojas Rajani Celebrity Makeup Artist N Hairstylist will make your bridal look more charming. Believe it or not, women go crazy when it comes to shopping and especially when she is about to buy herself a beautiful outfit that she is going to wear on her big day to make herself known as the most beautiful women in this entire world for her man. The list of all the things is big and time is pretty much less, here are few ideas about what color you can pick up for your wedding attire.

savePhoto: Ojas Rajani Celebrity Makeup Artist N Hairstylist
Photo: Ojas Rajani Celebrity Makeup Artist N Hairstylist



Red is the color of love. You must have heard about ‘there is always a shade of red for everyone’. And this is true indeed; red is a color which enhances your look as well as your outfits. If you are going to get a red outfit then make sure that you are making good combinations of colors and your wedding jewelry. Red brings grace and makes the whole look amazing. Also, you will never run short of options for red outfits. Moreover, red is also known to bring good fate and is known to the color of significance of a married woman. This color will never let you go down and you can choose it with a blind eye. Know these 8 Details that no bride should forget on her wedding day

Photo: Sabyasachi Mukherjee


Pink is a color with which you can make yourself look very different and charming. The shades of pink are meant to make you look beautiful. Whenever you come across an Indian wedding, you will see all the ladies dressed up in beautiful wedding colors of red and pink and then you might think weather it will be a good decision or not. But girl, when you get your exclusive wedding outfit deigned up by hands of fine workers then you will see what magic pink can bring to your outfit by Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Photo: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Nothing but white

If you are going for a Christian wedding then nothing else is going to be the best match for you than white and off-white. It is a very pure color and looks very elegant. You will have to do nothing just match it up with some beautiful diamond jewelry and there you go lady, the best bride of the year. It will make the bars go high and will give an absolute touch of elegance and class. Not just your wedding dress, make your wedding invitation look classy by gettig it from Kankotri Invites.

savePhoto: Kankotri Invites
Photo: Kankotri Invites

Nude colors

It has been in a trend since a while as brides are ready to break the stereotype of wearing dark shades to the wedding. And it looks really beautiful; you can always go for a nude shade when you want to do some experiment. Also, keep this is mind that such shades can only look beautiful if you carry them perfectly. Get your jewellery designed exclusively from Shubham jewellers.

savePhoto: Sabyasachi Mukherjee
Photo: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Although there are some specific colors for bridal outfits, do not overlook the fact that they are all going to suit you according to your skin tone. So always try out them before you make your mind. Read these amazing tips for How to Choose Your Bridal Dress According to Your Skin Colour

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