Advice and ideas about bridal beauty

Best bridal hairstyles, fitness, and even healthy meals for your inner glow, we talk about everything.

Bold Lipsticks for A Bold Bride

We all know how important your wedding look is for you big day, it will remain an important memory for the rest of your life so it cannot go wrong!

Brow trends of 2017

Do you know what are the trends for bridal eyebrows for this year, 2017? Today we will let you in on these!

Top 6 wedding makeup artists in Udaipur

Makeup is a crucial part of a bride's preparations for the wedding day. No matter what no compromises can be made with this so choose the top best makeup artist from your city Udaipur!

Top 5 wedding makeup artists in C Scheme, Jaipur

Having all the preparations lined up and done the makeup is one area which needs a close watch and precise expertise so choose from these top best makeup artists from Jaipur to make you look the most beautiful woman at your wedding.

Top 5 mehndi artists in Jaipur

Mehndi is a traditional part of our culture and it needs to be done with a lot of love and respect. So choose these top best mehndi artist in Jaipur to help you celebrate this beautiful tradition!

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