3 tips for choosing invitation cards for a winter wedding

Your wedding invitation is the reflection of your wedding planning. make it look the best in it's own ways.

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Your wedding invitation is the first official announcement to all your well-wishers. It is like the most important part of your wedding planning and must not be compromised with anything. It has to be great and so appealing that people become eager to attend your wedding just as soon as they receive it. Wedding invitations are special; they are the most cherished memories of celebrating love and hence hold a great significance in a couple’s life. Artsy Design Co. will make your card more special by giving it their touch of art. People getting married are very excited to design their invitation cards and make it the best one ever. And why not, it has the power of delivering the flabbergasted emotions of the couple as well as the family who will soon be going to organize a very big event of their lives.

savePhoto: ArtsyDesignCo.
Photo: ArtsyDesignCo.

It is a well known truth, that wedding invitations are very important in themselves, they are available in a variety of designs and can be customized by the couple according to their own taste. They can be designed on the basis of a particular theme, color, art, occupation of the couple or anything to give wings to your wild imagination. To get a winter wedding card is also a special requirement and since your wedding is approaching in the chilling season, let us see what all can you do to make your wedding invitation card the best one for the winter wedding. Here are three fantastic tips for choosing your winter wedding card. If you are fixed for winter wedding then read How To Invite Your Guests With the Best Invitation Cards!

savePhoto: ArtsyDesignCo.
Photo: ArtsyDesignCo.


The most striking thing that exposes a feeling of the season is ‘color’. In summer, you usually go for loud, highlighting colors but in winters, it’s all about the lighter shades which appear to be very calm, subtle and slow. Looking at these colors a person experiences peace and tranquility. Colors are really important when it comes about creating a good impression. They directly appeal the mind of a person and if you prefer to use all time classic hues like bluish, grey or silver shades then these elegant, royal colors would definitely give a very charming look to your card. Here you can also go for combinations like blue and white, grey and white, grey and silver or may be some off white ting. We also suggest you to go for the usual combinations of red, yellow, orange and so on. Such light colors are known to denote winter-like feel and aura and are soothing as well. Get the right date to get married from Saiamit Astrologer.

savePhoto: ArtsyDesignCo.
Photo: ArtsyDesignCo.


Your wedding invitation is based on winter wedding and you must not forget that. There are completely different designs for winter wedding cards, which are just as beautiful as the season itself. Your card should display the cozy and warm feel of winters. It should bare the snowflakes, some cute ribbons, some classic designs and everything to give it a pinch of ingenious simplicity. As you are already taking so much care about the color, your card’s design should no-where lack its effectiveness as well. You can also make it appealing by using some proportions of golden and silver paper sheet. If you don’t like to have anything like snowflakes or something like that, because it may look like a Christmas card then you can simply make it attractive by playing well with colors and some amazing content. Choose the Wedding Designers to add the touch of perfection to all your wedding details. Big or small, they will take care of everything.

savePhoto: The Wedding Designers
Photo: The Wedding Designers


When you are putting so much emphasis on the invitation card’s color and design then great care should be taken on the content as well. Your content is something by which people are actually influenced and impressed by. While you are selecting the content, make sure that much of the information is not towards a single side. If you have good words and a lot of them, then place them in such a manner that they are equally distributed. Pushing all the content in a single page will ruin the mesmerizing effect that you have put till now. Also, try to keep the front page as neat and tidy as possible. Do not scribble much. Remember to make the card look effective by choosing the right words. Also read How to organize a fabulous outdoor winter wedding

savePhoto: Cakeatouille
Photo: Cakeatouille

And when you are all done with these three steps, but still not satisfied with the final draft, you can still enhance it by getting some customized box or bag for it. What else can be better than putting these lovely customized cup cakes by Cakeatouille with your invitations to add to the sweetness of the occasion.

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