How to have a glowing skin for your wedding day

Get an amazing and glowing skin for your Wedding day, so that you look just stunning on your special day!

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When you think about your Wedding day and know that it is coming closer day by day, the excitement level shoots up immediately. But the excitement level is worth, only when you have already started working on the preparations. Not just the preparations of Wedding, but you as well. You would want to be at your best appearance, in fact, you have to look the center of attraction on your Wedding day, and for this, you need an amazing, clean and glowing skin. Jharna Shah would give you tips regarding the same!

savePhoto: Jharna Shah.
Photo: Jharna Shah.

Get good facials done


To keep your skin glowing and healthy, you need to get good facials done. Go for the ones that suit your skin, so that nothing really goes wrong on the special and final day. You would not want that disaster to happen at all. For this, you need to be extra careful about the facials that you choose and get done on your skin. Do not experiment with any facial type that you are unaware of, right before the function. Just in case it has a bad reaction or may side effects on your face, every thing would just go for a toss, and every thing would be ruined. so, be careful while choose things wisely and prefer going with the facials that you have experienced before. Know how you can make your eye make-up look spectacular on your Wedding day. This would make you look and feel even more special.

Moisturize your skin properly

This is one of the most important things to do, in order to keep your skin glowing and make it look even more charming. Moisturizing it every now and then would just make it softer and fresh and the result will be a glowing, elegant skin. There are many rough conditions that you go through every day. Be it; pollution, sun, dirt, and what not. Your skin becomes dry and dull, after passing through all this. This is the reason that you need to clean and moisturize it. By this gesture, you will not only make your skin stay healthy, but also glowing. Your charming looks would definitely call for the attention of all. As the winters are in, you need to make sure that you keep it moisturized even more than before. With this amazingly moisturize skin, you would need a beautiful outfit too. You can refer to Ishani Kamdar’s collection for an amazing outfit. This would make you look even more attractive.

savePhoto: Ishani Kamdar.
Photo: Ishani Kamdar.

Enough amount of sleep

Another important thing to keep the skin healthy is having an enough amount of sleep. There definitely would be a lot of stress and tension regarding your Wedding and the ceremonies related to it. the stress can be due to; making sure that has every thing been done perfectly or not, is every thing ready or not, and this irksome list can just go on and on. But make sure that you keep aside these thoughts for a while, and get enough sleep. This will not only relax your mind but also soothe your eyes. If you do not get the required amount of sleep, then there are chances that you would develop dark circles and weird spots right under your eyes, which would not be easily hidden even by the make up. So, make sure that you get enough sleep, to get an amazing skin. Here are the 10 ways through which you can keep your skin healthy on your special day!

Homemade face packs

Homemade face packs are always a safe idea to go for. As you know, there are chemicals in all sorts of face packs that we see in the advertisements and also in the most popular salons. But, we still go for them, because they look appealing to us. But keeping aside the glam part, if we look at it, half of them are filled with chemicals, that are harmful for the skin. To get rid of these chemicals, homemade face packs are certain things that are highly recommended, as every thing is made in front of you, with all the healthy stuff that would keep your skin beautiful and make it glow brighter. With the glowing skin, you would need amazing jewellery too. You can check out Tanishq’s amazing jewellery collection, that would go the best with your glowing skin!

savePhoto: Tanishq Jewellers.
Photo: Tanishq Jewellers.

Eat healthy food

Eating healthy food is no doubt the best way to get out the dirty fat that is inside out body. This has a major reaction on our skin as well. Eating healthy food is recommended by any one and every one in order to have an amazing skin. Not just eating the proper food, but also drinking adequate amount of water helps too! Water opens the skin pours and all the dirt oozes from your skin. It would leave behind an amazing and glowing skin. This way, you would really impress every one at your Wedding and look just the best. And the fantastic part would be that your photos would turn out to be great. Learn how to pose for your photographs, without being a professional model. These would be the memories that you would definitely cherish in future!

Start treatments in advance

The best thing would be to start all your skin treatments in advance, so that your skin tone becomes better and no harm is done to your face on your special day. Every thing would be pre-tested and taken care of. You would have an amazing and a stress-free Wedding, that you would enjoy wholeheartedly. With your amazing outfit, don’t you think there must be an amazing accessory that you should carry to look extra graceful? Well, you can check out The Pink Potli’s collection for this. They have an amazing range of bags that would go with your outfit, and provide you with an elegant look!

savePhoto: The Pink Potli.
Photo: The Pink Potli.

These tips would definitely help you get a glowing skin, that would make you the star of the evening, and would give you a chance for you to feel special. This would give you the pleasure and enjoyment on your special day even more, with all the compliments that would flood the occasion. Know how to look slim on your Wedding day. Just like having an amazing skin, you would want to have an amazing shape of your body too, so that you can look spectacular in your Wedding dress. Follow these tips for more!

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