10 things to know before you go wedding dress shopping

Personality matters to all, but for your wedding it is the most crucial requisite which blooms with the perfect attire.

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When the wedding bells are peeling, everything goes into a big rush and becomes a big mess eventually. There are a lot of things that a person has to look after while planning for her/his wedding. There are many things that have to be kept in mind while you are planning for the most awaited moment of your life. Shopping is one of the biggest headaches as well as the most fantastic aspect of getting married. A person has to look at his best when he is ready to tie the knot. To win the heart of your would-be at your wedding, you ought to have the best dress for yourself. But one thing that does not click that very moment is that, to choose a right dress is not an easy task. Here is Everything you need to know about shopping for your Wedding dressThere are a lot of things that need to be considered before it and to help you out and reduce your stress level, here we are with solution to this problem. Read out these 10 things that you need to know before going for your wedding dress shopping.

savePhoto: Sakshi Sood
Photo: Sakshi Sood

Decide first


Keep a clear picture in mind about what exactly you want to have for your wedding look. Before going out in the market, make a rough idea about what kind of dress you are looking for. The reason being that there is a huge area outside to explore and as you  start looking at an ocean of variety of dresses, you are bound to get confused by the end of the day. Make the best decision for yourself by buying your wedding dress from Shrangar.

Actual worth

Wedding dress does not come for a reasonable price. It has become a gigantic business nowadays and you should know about the actual worth of whatever you are buying. This is why it is advisable to take along a person who has a good experience or knowledge about it. Know about How to avoid these mistakes at the time of jewellery shopping

Your list

One does not simply go out and start hunting for a perfect dress in the wide open marketplace. Before going out, make a sure list of the stores which have fascinating collection in an affordable price. Know about them in a prior notice, so that you do not end up wasting time by bumping into every store. Do not forget to add R R Gold Palace in your list of the best jewellers.

savePhoto: R R Gold Palace
Photo: R R Gold Palace

His favorite

It’s really quite romantic to wear your partner’s favorite color dress on your wedding day. Although you should not compromise with your own choice because it’s your day as well, but you can keep both as options and pick the one with better scores.

Latest design

Bridal collection is always changing. Not much albeit but there is always something new every season. To make sure that you look as glam on your wedding day as on any other occasion, search out for the latest designs and then choose the one for yourself. Essdee Accessories will give you some exclusive accessories to complete your bridal look.

savePhoto: Shrangar
Photo: Shrangar

Not always

It is usually said that a bride should wear red color dress on her wedding day for some good reasons but it is not a mandatory rule. You can always go beyond red color for your dress and check out for some amazing combinations which would add beauty to your charming appearance. Have a look t these Amazing wedding trends you need to know about

The season

Your wedding dress should be according to the season you are getting married in. Like, if you have a summer wedding then you can pick your dress and decide its design and color accordingly but if its winter, you will see that there is totally a different range of options for you.

savePhoto: Shrangar
Photo: Shrangar

Design it yourself

It’s not really compulsory to buy your wedding dress from the market. There is always an option to give it a pinch of your own style. You can always take some time out to design it yourself rather than spending the entire day and night shopping without putting your hands on the perfect one. Also read about How to avoid these 7 unbelievable things before your wedding

savePhoto: Shrangar
Photo: Shrangar

For groom

If you have to shop for the groom’s wedding attire, you can go beyond that traditional wedding dress for every groom in India. Flip through the internet and check out some different look for yourself, an attire that will enhance the masculine enigma. Know these Things you need to experience before getting married

Your physical appearance

When told to imagine a wedding dress, a heavy, frilled, white gown pops up into the mind of every bride. But you should always remember that not everyone is made for that attire. Your figure and your personality may be made to be wrapped with something else on your wedding day. So before buying anything, always try it and make sure that it does not hamper you from reflecting your true personality. Get your bridal look highlighted by getting make-up by Sakshi Sood.

savePhoto: Sakshi Sood
Photo: Sakshi Sood

And the most important of all, do not forget to take some advice from your mother or any elder who has been there, always standing by your side. Done that already!! You must want to know about these 12 things you swore you’d never do when you will be in relationship!

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