How to make your wedding stress free wedding: 41 tips

Yes! your wedding has been arrived! So all set to enjoy your wedding day? When you wake up lot of things haunt your head … However, there is a voice that continues to remind: “Today is the wedding, the wedding is today, today is the wedding …”. And this is just the beginning, but also think someone should have told certain things before the wedding … We present 56 things that come to your mind on such an important day 56 reasons you should marry your partner. Wedding is your most precious day of your life so do not be stress, be calm and relax! How to get a happy and healthy relationship! Which you can also learn from your parents.

1. This is your wedding!

2. I have to eat something or else I’m going to faint How to relax before your wedding day: 5 steps.

3. When you arrive make-up artist? Top 10 Makeup Artists in Delhi

4. Where are my shoes? 5 reasons to get custom wedding shoes

5. I hope my husband is taking care of himself.

6. Beware of your wedding dress! How to buy the wedding dress: Keep 9 things in mind!

7. I will not be stress, I will not be nervous, I will not be afraid , I will be confident.

8. And now, I will take care of my dress How to take care of your wedding dress, makeup everything.

9. Here we go! Today is your wedding, so just be relax.

Before being husband and wife

10. There is no need to step on your dress.

11. Oh my boyfriend, how handsome he is! How to be a Happy Couple: 10 Habits That Make a Difference.

12. Yes, I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him!

13. What heat with the veil.

14. There will be brought alliances.

15. Your mother will my mother How to make strong relationship bond with your in-laws.

16. I have to think pretty smile to leave forever. I know all the tricks to pose.

17. 11 Things you should Demand from your Partner without Hesitation in Relationship

18. Ohh My God, this is it, I’m almost married.

19. Our names will be together forever.

During the ceremony

20. I’m so proud that my father take me to the altar.

21. All eyes are on me.

22. I hope that the guests do not get bored at the ceremony.

23. Let us hear well!

24. I hope the band plays well Cute text messages that will make your partners day.

25. I’m hungry Top 10 best caterers in Delhi.

26. I love my boyfriend.

27. What baby is crying? The mother could silence him.

28. I’m shaking (as you put the ring). How to choose the right wedding ring

29. That the time comes ” kiss the bride”.

At the party

30. I hope the cocktail ready when we arrive.

31. Already more than one drunk.

32. I have to stop with the canapes.

33. Who is going to take your personal kit?

34. Where are you going? I have not had time to touch my plate.

35. Fortunately we chose well the corners of the wedding.

36. DJ music should be awesome.

37. My first dance with my husband and it is going to be really romantic!

38. I Watch cake stain my dress! No it should not to be happen, take care.

39. No matter what guests think of venue, provide them to have a good time.

40. Come, and I take my shoes!

41. Now it is your husband time, enjoy your married life How to enjoy the big day and how to prepare for it.

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